Professional photos for your website, Instagram, Facebook & other social media- the best way to increase online sales


The power of visual communication is critical to success. First of all, in order to promote online business, it is necessary to use visual content. To stand out among a huge number of competitors, you need to express the style and ‘voice’ of the brand through photos.


Your customers (like customers around the world) are very receptive and impressionable. We want pictures, we need quick information, and as soon as possible. Is it possible to find a way that will convey your message better and faster than a photo?


List of reasons why professional photos play a key role in modern business and online sales as well

1. Attract Attention


Mainly the general aesthetics can bring you, new customers. You need to find some kind of attention-grabbing feature, your advantage, and support it everywhere - both on your sites and on social media. 


2. Transmit Message without Words 


The human brain processes photos very quickly. Information that is processed faster, for example, in the form of an image, will always work more efficiently. Your selection of photos should always be consistent with your brand, mission, and content. Post reinforcing rather than distracting photos.


3. Establish Non-verbal Communication


Each brand wants to stand out and be remembered by the public. If customers associate you with certain characters or even styles of photography, it is an achievement. Think about the fact that most of our communication is nonverbal. Therefore, the mission of any online business is to include visual elements and accompany them with high-quality text. If you want to interest the audience, you cannot do it without professional photography.


4. Viral Potential

If people see something that catches them, they are interested in you and your business and share this interest with others. If the post is actively being shared in the Internet community and social networks, a significant rise in the number of visitors can be expected. More visitors mean more potential customers. 


5. Improve Brand Reputation

High-level photos really contribute to the growth of confidence in your brand. Photos inform the customers that you care even about little things, you have good aesthetics, and in general you have a strong brand - since you are so attentive to the photos that you post.


6. Call for Emotions

In most cases, emotions become the reason for making a purchase decision. And the reaction of buyers to the call of the photo is a very important factor. Attractive photos evoke an emotional response. Choosing photos, always remember about the final result and your target audience.


7. Prompt Action

You must have found yourself repeatedly clicking on a sponsored content because of the picture you like. This principle works on many platforms. If you have an attractive photo, you are the owner of a winning combination. Most Internet users will respond to the call with action only if the call is backed up with visual content and not plain text.


8. Increase Involvement

Using a professional photo automatically generates more involvement. This is true for most social networks, blog posts, and websites. If you could use the tool to increase involvement, knowing that it works well, would not you use it?


9. Gain Trust

The keyword here is consistency. It’s not enough to have some cool pictures, you need to ensure their constant flow and strive for consistency of visual materials on all social media channels and other online sites. People make up their minds very quickly, so having professional photos that show your business in the context will help to build trust. If they like what you post, they will want to see more, subscribe to you, or look at your products.


10. All These Points Lead to the Growth of Online Sales 

When your approach to work is well organized and you use high-quality professional photographs, you immediately get sales growth. Successful photographs help potential customers to visualize your product or service in relation to themselves, and if they support your business or are interested in what you offer, they will immediately want to make a purchase.

Of the entire arsenal of visual aids available to you, photography is the most reliable and powerful means of expression. Commercial photography is the heart of the modern business and online sales.


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