5 Important Tips for a Perfect Sports Photo Session

If sport is not only a way of life, but also your profession, a sports photo session is what you need. It is not necessary to take photos in the studio, it can be done in the gym, in the street or at any other location, even in the desert.

A sports photo shooting in Dubai is a perfect variant to get professional photos for your profile

To make the photo session as effective as possible, we advise you to read the tips below carefully.


1. Prepare references - photos that you like and discuss them with the photographer. There are huge variants of shooting options and it is difficult to guess what exactly the client likes. Looking at your references the photographer will be able to offer options that suit you the most.


2. Think in advance about clothes, show your variants to the photographer. According to what you are going to wear, the photographer will select the necessary light scheme and the colour of the background. Don't forget about shoes, they should be combined with clothes, even if you don't pay attention to this fact during training.


3. Photos can be taken not only in the studio. The best variant is to combine two or even three locations - a studio, a street and some place in the gym in order to show you ‘in action’.

4. The photographer will always help you with poses, but the photographer may not know all the peculiarities of some kinds of sports. Think over about poses that correspond to your sport and use them during the shooting. Both dynamic poses that demonstrate your muscle relief, your strength and agility, and static poses that demonstrate a state of relaxation and calmness before a training or tension before an important fight will be suitable for a photo session.


5. For sure, there is some equipment in your sport that will be definitely absent in the studio - take a ball, dumbbells, boxing gloves, skates or something else that you use during your training. 

Fitness photo session in the studio is not only for sportsmen

Sports photo session is popular among manufacturers of sports goods for advertising children's, women's and men's clothes, shoes, sports equipment. We will take creative photos of children, girls and boys in tracksuits and shoes with appropriate accessories. If it is necessary, we will provide our own models. You can use photos for Instagram and other social media, publications in magazines or printing booklets, calendars and leaflets.

Choosing a location for a sports photo session in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

We can organise a sports photo session in the street or in the studio, as well as in another place. Everything depends on the kind of sport, your goals and desire:


  • Sports shooting in the studio. Studio lighting and many backgrounds to choose from will help to take stylish high-quality photos
  • Photo session on an open-air sports ground, at the stadium. Photos while doing exercises in the street will demonstrate your willpower and life position.
  • Photo session can be held in the city or in nature, in the park, on the beach or in the desert.
  • Photo session in the gym or in other places. Show how you work out in the gym.

Demonstrate yoga classes or the technique of doing exercises with a barbell or dumbbells. We can organise a fashion photo session at a fitness club. Girls and boys who have achieved certain results in fitness like organising photo sessions in this place.


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