How to create ideal photos in a desert: 16 life hacks

​​If you are an aspiring photographer or you are just going to a photo session in the desert, there are 16 tips which will help you to avoid mistakes and take diverse and inimitable photos of your trip to Dubai.

1. Take a photo high on a dune


The first thing you have to do is not to be lazy and climb up high on the dune. Believe, it's worth it! There is an incredible view of the desert from the dune. Take a place slightly above the model, then the volumetric dunes will be better seen in the photo.


2. Shoot dunes and sand, not flora!


Avoid sights with much flora. Go deeper into the desert and find sand where there is no grass and trees.


3. Shoot a flying dress not only from a distance, but also close to the camera


Aspiring photographers very often ‘glue’ to a wide shot, where the whole flying dress is seen and such kind of shooting looks monotonous. Take the hem of the dress in your hands and come closer to the model. Believe us, it will be completely different photos and the dress will look in a different way.


4. Footprints in the sand


How much time it takes while photo processing in order to erase a huge number of footprints and car wheels in the sand. Shoot the virgin sand. If you trample in one place - move on. Such photos look much more attractive.


5. Hard shadows


If the shooting starts at 2-3 p.m., hard shadows can not be avoided. If the model is placed incorrectly, direct the model's face towards the light or vice versa. Place the model with her back to the light and avoid hard side light, which highlights all skin imperfections and draws unattractive shadows under the nose and deep nasolabial folds.

6. Beneath the dune


Now we come down beneath the dune. Find a place where you can see the waves on the sand, it's very beautiful!


7. Run and jump


We are not talking about you, but about the model. Add dynamics to the shot, let the model spin, jump or run. If you take photos in the fast shooting mode, you will definitely catch some live and emotional shots.


8. Play with sand using hands and feet


Ask the model to take the sand in her hands, maybe even throw it with her hands or feet, it always seems to be lively and interesting.


9. Contour light at sunset


When the sun ‘goes down’ - it's time for contour photos at sunset. Use a reflector or a flash to highlight the model’s face.

10. Close-ups


When we want to take photos of the greatness of the desert and the beauty of the flying dress, as a result we often forget about the close-ups. They must be, otherwise your shooting will look boring.


11. Sit and lie on the sand


Not only can you walk on sand, but you can also lie and sit on it. It will help to diversify your shots. Don’t forget about it!


12.Take props


Sometimes I take a retro flashlight like an oil lamp, artificial flowers or an antique jug for a  shooting. There can be a blanket, cushions, a fruit basket - there are a lot of options. Yes, you'll have to carry everything on your own, but believe me, it's worth it.


13. Hat or hijab


Create something like a turban using a scarf or a hem of the dress. Cover the model's face and get absolutely great shots.


14. Avoid rubbish in the shot


Unfortunately, tourists leave a lot of garbage in the desert. Try to avoid such places, it greatly saves the time for photo processing.


15. Look for interesting trees, snags, low trees


The desert is beautiful not only because of the dunes. You can find very beautiful trees, bushes there. use it all in the frame.


16. Keep an eye on the horizon line


Tilted horizon! Learn how to shoot in such a way that you don't have to spend hours trying to correct the tilted horizon while photo processing. 


Photographers at Salt Studio have a lot of experience in organising a photo session in the desert. Sign up for a dream photo session and be happy! Read more tips for photographers and models in our new articles.


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