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  • Boost School Pride: Showcase your prestigious environment and vibrant learning atmosphere with stunning photos and videos.
  • Enhance Communication: Share school events, achievements, and student life with parents and the wider community through captivating visuals.
  • Create Lasting Memories: Provide students and families with cherished individual and group photos for a lifetime.
  • Streamlined Process: Enjoy a seamless experience with expert planning, on-site photography, and fast turnaround times.

Elevate your school's image with professional photography & videography!


Benefits You'll Love:

  • Peace of mind: Work with a licensed company, not a freelancer.
  • Experienced professionals: Senior photographer with 18 years of expertise.
  • Boost brand awareness: Stunning visuals that showcase your school's prestige.
  • Convenience: Mobile studio with pro background & lighting at your school.
  • Freebies: Online gallery, pre-shoot consultation, & on-time delivery.
  • Flexible options: Individual & group photos, plus custom yearbooks. 
  • Contract with a licensed company.

Let's discuss creating memories that last a lifetime!


The best schools in Dubai work with the best photographers!

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Professional school photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Children are our Future. Capture your children’s moments and achievements. Make sure your students have a way to look back at the years they spent with you.


We, at Salt studio, are mothers ourselves, so we know how important it is to preserve the memories of you child growing up. School plays a large role in your children’s life. It is where they learn, socialize and find hobbies and interests that shape them into the people that they will grow up to be.


You do need to have the right approach when photographing the children. It includes knowing how to work with them, helping them feel at ease, make them smile and give them the freedom to express themselves. Experience in school photography is also essential as these types of shoots are full of nuances that require careful consideration.


We are happy to offer our professional photography services to both parents and schools alike. Whether you are a parent and want to capture your child’s important events and stepping stones, or a school that would like to offer years books and graduation albums to their students, we have the experienced photographers that will help you achieve your desired end result.

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Frequently asked questions about school photography

How many children can you photograph in an hour?
Photographing children is not just about clicking the camera button. It also involves preparing the child psychologically so that they don't look scared in the frame, and taking the time to adjust their hair, collar, tie, etc. If the preparation process is well-organised by the school/parents, our photographer with 18 years of experience can shoot very quickly.

To simplify the calculation process, we offer two package options: hourly and per-photo.


With lifestyle photography with hourly payment, our photographer takes a minimum of 100-150 photos and after the shooting you will receive all photos with colour correction (except for technical defects such as closed eyes).


With portrait photography, the working time depends on the number of photos you want to receive for each child. If you need one photo, we can shoot about 20 children in an hour (we actually shoot 3-4 portraits, but we only give you one). If you want to have a choice of 3-4 portraits, the shooting time increases proportionally, and so does the price per photo. You can read more about it in the Packages section.
Who is the photographer?
Our lead  photographer - Olga Leonova has been crafting stunning visuals and family heirlooms since 2005, but her expertise extends beyond the lens. She also holds a Master's degree in Economics and possesses a successful background in finance. This unique blend of creativity and business savvy ensures she understands your needs and delivers exceptional results, on time and within the budget.
Do you have experience of working with children?
Our photographer has two children of her own, a girl and a boy, plus 8 years of experience of working with newborns and over 18 years of family photography. Our CEO has worked with kids of all the age groups from nursery students to high school graduates.
How long will it take to receive my photos?
It will take approximately 2 weeks (10 working days) to receive your photos after the photoshoot. We will send you a link to an online gallery where you can view and download your photos. If you wish to get your photos sooner You can choose the “Urgent Editing” option. Processing time depends on the size of the order. Photoshop editing is also done within 2 weeks after the photo selection has been confirmed.
What kind of backdrops will be used for the shoot?
We use professional paper backgrounds 3 metres wide, on which a child or a group of 4-5 people can fit in full height. The school can choose at their discretion: black, white, grey, deep blue. If a full-length photo is not needed, we can offer you more backgrounds for "waist" portraits.

How to prepare a room for a photo shoot?
The ideal place for a photo shoot is next to a large window, but if there is no such place, just prepare a spacious room with enough space for professional lights, backgrounds and preparation of the children.
If our package includes the photo selection, how will it be done?
Once the photos have been pre-selected, processed and converted from RAW format to JPG, we upload them to an online gallery where the photos can be culled by simply putting ❤️ on the photos you want to process or print. From the same gallery you can download a photo in a large size (about 6000 pixels on the long side) or in a size for WEB: a reduced copy, convenient for sending photos by mail and for uploading to websites.
Do you edit portraits in Photoshop?
As a rule children’s faces do not require major  Photoshop editing, however this option can be included in the package if needed. 

Basic photoshop editing includes:
  • Adjusting sharpness of particular elements
  • Brush retouch or light, tone, colour, and exposition 
  • Background correction: removal of the objects that are not "touching" the main object
  • Light/dark balance of the background
  • Shadow softening
  • Skin smoothing & tone
  • Removal of temporary imperfection (acne, red spots) Wrinkles and lines smoothing

Basic retouch does not include:
  • Removing objects that are attached to another object adding extra objects
  • Background changes
  • Face or body correction
  • Change of makeup or clothes
Which printing size does your package offer?
Our packages include a 15 cm by 20cm photo print, but we can print any size upon agreement.
Do you offer school albums?
Yes we do offer them. School albums are highly customisable. We can work with your school to: 
  1. Match your school colours and logo: Get the balanced look that reflects your school’s identity. 
  2. Choose a cover design: Select from a variety of pre-designed options or collaborate on a unique cover.
  3. Personalise the layout: Decide how photos and text are arranged to tell your school's story.
What are your payment terms?
A 50% deposit is required to book your photoshoot. The remaining balance is due on the day of the photoshoot
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Have more questions about school photography? Feel free to ask!

School Portraits and individual photography

with different backgrounds for yearbooks and newsletters

Personal photo shoots of your child’s sporting event or other curriculum activities where your child is the star and the focus remains on them.


Group and individual photo shoots for special events at the school, like graduations or holiday assemblies.


By booking a photographer with us you can be certain that you will get an experienced photographer that specializes in school photo sessions. Who knows all the ins and outs of working with children separately and in large groups, making sure that at a school function like a graduation or an assembly no child is left without attention and none of the important moments are missed. And, as with any other photo session, we pride ourselves in using top of the line equipment to make sure that you get High Quality results.


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