Children are our Future

Capture your children’s moments and achievements.

Make sure your students have a way to look back at the years they spent with you.


We, at Salt studio, are mothers ourselves, so we know how important it is to preserve the memories of you child growing up. School plays a large role in your children’s life. It is where they learn, socialize and find hobbies and interests that shape them into the people that they will grow up to be.


To photograph children you do need to have the right approach, know how to work with children and help them feel at ease, quick to smile and  free to express themselves, and of course, experience in school photography because there are nuances in these types of shootings that have to be taken into account.

We are happy to offer our professional photography services to both parents and schools alike. Whether you are a parent and want to capture your child’s important events and stepping stones, or a school that would like to offer years books and graduation albums to their students, we have the experienced photographers that will help you achieve your desired end result.



We offer School Portraits and individual photography with different backgrounds for yearbooks and newsletters.


Personal photo shoots of your child’s sporting event or other curriculum activities where your child is the star and the focus remains on them.


Group and individual photo shoots for special events at the school, like graduations or holiday assemblies.


By booking a photographer with us you can be certain that you will get an experienced photographer that specializes in school photo sessions. Who knows all the ins and outs of working with children separately and in large groups, making sure that at a school function like a graduation or an assembly no child is left without attention and none of the important moments are missed. And, as with any other photo session, we pride ourselves in using top of the line equipment to make sure that you get High Quality results.


Contact us to find out what package will best suit your needs!


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