How to book a photo album

It's  so easy! Just answer some  questions and send your request. We do amazing hand-made  books and we'll be happy to make one special for you!

Fill the form and send us all information about your future amazing book from Salt Studio.


Step 1

Please, choose a cover of your album and write the number from picture in form below.

Imitation leather


Step 2

Please, choose a book size and a number of spread sheets . In the main, price depends on these two choices. See the album's price list...


Step 3

To save your book for ages, please, choose what kind of edges and metal corners do you like: golden or silver. See samples:



Step 4

Which type of flyleaf would you prefer?



Step 5

Handcrafted wooden photo album boxes

We make special boxes that would enable you to conveniently store and carry your photo book, and also to package such a gift beautifully and complete.  There are two colors to choose from: white and mahogany. You can also choose the color of the accessories: gold or silver. The inner bed of the box can be executed in any natural or artificial leather, matching the tone of your photo book.




Step 6

Text all additional information about your future book and your contacts, we will call or write you as soon as possible.


Additional option 1

Special cover design, choose one of ready-made covers from our collection:



Additional option 2

Make your own cover design. You can complement the design with such refined elements as:

  • Fabric inserts;
  • Metal plates with individual engraving of your names, initials or date of the event;
  • Embossing of a personal cliche;
  • Laminated photo insert;
  • Order natural leather cover


Fill the form and send us all information about your future amazing book from Salt Studio.


Have any questions? Just call/text us by WhatsApp: +971 505 98 5502, +971 528 93 6693 or E-mail:


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