Top 21 the best locations for the shooting in Dubai for your social media content

It's done! You have arrived in a fabulous place - the United Arab Emirates.


What is the first thing you need to take care of? Certainly! Capture stunning views, breathtaking sights and highlights of your holiday!


Salt Studio will organize an unforgettable photo shoot that will keep amazing memories for a lifetime. We will fulfill your Arabian dream: the choice of any outfit from the wardrobe of the studio, professional makeup, amazing hairstyle. You will look fantastic!

№1 Desert


The desert is one of the most popular places for photo and video shooting. Just imagine: an extraordinary landscape, a bright contrast between the sky and the sand, wind blowing hair and flowing dress in the background of amazing dunes. You will be delighted!


Thanks to more than a dozen photo shoots in the desert, experienced Salt Studio photographers are ideal guides and will also help in choosing the right place. We know exactly where the most beautiful places are.


№2 Beach


The easiest way to get impressive photos is to take photos on a snow-white beach. This is one of the few places in the Arab Emirates where a photo shoot permit is not required, so do not miss the chance to capture an unforgettable vacation int the background of crystal clear water and blue sky.


We recommend choosing a morning time for a shooting - this time there are fewer people and more likely that strangers will not get into the frame.


Do you want to take photos on the beach even more exciting? Think about additional accessories. It can be unusual glasses, a beautiful hat or, for example, unusual jewellery.


After a photo shoot, you will probably want to relax and have a picnic. So grab a blanket and a fruit basket with you.


№3 Old city 

If you are tired of the modern world and you would prefer to hold a photo session in a secluded place, then Bastakia is your ideal solution. Its ancient streets are filled with measured rhythm and they are immersed in the era of the last century. 


This area is full of the history and culture of the UAE. Every corner or yard is rich with authentic details.


We fell in love with this location because it is  always cool in the narrow maze- streets of this mini-town even on the hottest day, but at night, it’s so beautifully illuminated with colourful lights that you would like to pass through again – it looks absolutely different in the darkness! 


Walking along the tangled streets of the old city, one can unknowingly feel like a character of the Arab folk tale “Aladdin and His Magic Lamp”. 


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№4 Ghost town

If you are a seeker of something exotic, we recommend you to pay attention to the ghost town of Al Jazeera al Hamra. Yes, yes! Even in the Arab Emirates there is an abandoned city shrouded in legends.


This is not only a curious place, it is an ideal space for picturesque and atmospheric photos. The walls of houses are built of coral, there is an old abandoned mosque, narrow streets, preserved ornaments. Do you feel the mystery?


Salt Studio photographers will be happy to help to convey the whole atmosphere of this amazing place. It can be combined with a photo shoot from the desert.

№5 Madinat Jumeirah


Dubai will surprise you even more when you visit the real Arabian Venice! Madinat Jumeirah is a luxurious resort complex that perfectly combines the splendour of the Eastern Traditions of the UAE and innovative technologies.


Walking along luxurious restaurants and various shops, you will be  an Arabian fairy tale. You should walk along the narrow streets, breathe in the aromas of Eastern spices, and admire the luxurious architecture. Forget about your problems, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.


You can ride along the channels of the complex on the Abra - a wooden covered boat, which is the oldest passenger transport. You will enjoy the views of the city from the water.


This walk will be even more amazing with memorable photos from Salt Studio professional photographers. Your Instagram account will get a lot of attention after taking a photo shoot from this amazing location.


Madinat Jumeirah is located near the famous Burj Al Arab hotel. Our photographers will show you the ‘secret’ shooting points where you can see it the best! This luxurious place will definitely amaze you. We guarantee!


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№6 Miracle garden


This is truly a unique place! In the middle of the desert, a 7-hectare park has grown with various compositions, in which about 100 million flowers are involved. Every six months, professional landscape designers change the expositions of the park. So every year the photos will be different in this park.


If you are looking for how to add a riot of colours to your life, then the flower garden, most striking in its scale, is a must-see. Picturesque content for numerous reels is provided!

№7 Dubai Marina 


There is a modern and prestigious area, which is located on an artificially created harbour along the coastline of the Persian Gulf.


Walk along the embankment of the canal overlooking the luxury yachts moored at the pier, or take a short boat trip to admire the incredible architecture and views of Dubai main attractions from the water.


Undoubtedly, you will be impressed by the endless row of skyscrapers, each of which is not like its neighbour. Marina looks especially solemn at night, when the multi-coloured lights of buildings and the embankment are turned on. You can sit at a table in one of the many restaurants, take a breath and go on your way!


Dubai Marina is a great place for any kind of photoshoot, especially if you need stunning photos for social media! Don't forget to take fantastic photos in one of the most beautiful places in the United Arab Emirates. Salt Studio photographers will be happy to help you to find the best angles and backgrounds.


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№8 Blue waters


Do you want unique photos? Then you should definitely visit this beautiful place. This is an artificial island, which can even be reached on foot by crossing the picturesque bridge from Dubai Marina.


Of course, the main attraction of the island is the largest Ferris wheel in the world, whose height is equal to a 57-story skyscraper. The full circle of the attraction takes 40 minutes, which is certainly enough to enjoy the sights and beauties of Dubai.


The island has everything for recreation and entertainment - from gourmet restaurants to luxurious hotels.


Another feature of the island is the openwork structures that resemble trees and are similar to the futuristic gardens in Singapore. In the evening, when the backlight turns on, they look even more fantastic.

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№9 Madame Tussauds museum


Do you want a selfie with Kylie Jenner or Cristiano Ronaldo?


You should visit the Madame Tussauds museum on Blue waters island! The museum occupies as many as 2 floors, here you will find wax figures of various celebrities - from actors to politicians. The figures are so realistic that it is very difficult to notice the difference in the photographs.


Experienced Salt Studio photographers will help you to add realism to your photos and suggest scenarios for an unforgettable photoset surrounded by celebrities. Are you looking for creative ideas for social media content? This place is a must visit!


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№10 Burj Khalifa and Palace Downtown hotel


How about an incredible photo from the tallest tower in the world? It's simply breathtaking! The observation deck of Burj Khalifa is located at an altitude of 555 metres and the view from there is so impressive that it is beyond words. In total, Burj Khalifa has 163 floors, on which there are hotels, luxurious restaurants with panoramic windows, apartments, residential apartments, fitness centres.


ust 500 metres from the iconic Burj Lake Tower, there is the magnificent Palace Downtown Hotel. Graceful arches in traditional Arabic style and ‘dancing’ fountains in front of the hotel turn it into a real palace from an oriental fairy tale.

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№11 The View at the Palm


It is advisable to visit another observation point, from which the famous man-made island Palm Jumeirah can be seen at a glance from an amazing height of 240 metres.


Take incredible photos overlooking the unusual design of the island and the luxurious resort of Atlantis, and then relax by one of the tallest infinity pools on the 50th floor. All this can be realised on The View at the Palm!


№12 Butterfly garden


Do you know that there is an amazing park in Dubai that is a home to about 15,000 butterflies? It is an ncredible beautiful place! You will not only take a lot of dizzying photos, but you will also be able to truly relax surrounded by incredible fluttering beauties. Positive emotions are guaranteed!


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№13 Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


Do you want thrills? Head to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo - one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. You can start your walk through the 48 metre tunnel, admiring the world's largest population of sand sharks, and end with an unforgettable experience by swimming, surrounded by sharks and crocodiles on a glass bottom boat.


For the most daring, it is offered to dive to the bottom of a special cage and swim with the sharks. Don't forget to capture these incredible moments on the camera so that you can bring them back to life at any time.


№14  Global village


Is it possible to plunge into the atmosphere of different countries in one place? Certainly! Everything is possible in Dubai!


Global village is a unique exhibition fair covering 1.6 million square metres, consisting of interesting pavilions in the traditions of various countries and exciting attractions. Here you will feel the atmosphere of China, India, Italy, Germany, Vietnam and other countries.


A walk through the Global village turns into a real unforgettable adventure with performances taking place here: musical, dance, acrobatic and other shows you will get acquainted with the national art of a particular country. After only one walk you will have a huge stock of videos for colourful and exclusive reels.


The highlight of this incredible complex is an artificial river You can ride on a small beautiful boat along it.


Be sure to visit the Global village to add new vivid impressions to your memories.


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№15 Dubai garden glow


Immerse yourself in colourful lights at Dubai garden glow.

The luminous garden impresses with its scope and extraordinary expositions, which are made from recycled materials.


There are no lanterns in the park, all the lighting comes from amazing luminous figures, of which there are more than 500.


In the colourful garden, you will not only walk among giant mushrooms and life-sized dinosaurs, but you will also be transported to the realm of winter with magnificent ice figures. Everything is in a hot desert!


№16 Museum of the future


You will not be able to pass by this building, it is unique in its architecture. This is a true engineering marvel!


The elliptical shape of this space building represents a look into the future. The facade of the museum is decorated with carvings with Arabic calligraphy, the contours of which serve as windows.


In the evening, the museum looks even more impressive.

Here you can see innovations in various fields from artificial intelligence to augmented reality technology.


Just imagine what amazing photos you will get in the backdrop of future technologies, like in an incredible science fiction movie!


№17 Aya universe


It is an incredibly bright place where you will get exclusive fantastic photos for social networks.


There are no identical visits here - each zone is transformed in different ways, reacting to the one who is currently in it.


Aya universe is a separate universe with 12 unique zones where you will be surrounded by high-tech sound and graphics: from the rush of water to the feeling of floating in the air. It is Intriguing, isn’t it?


№18 Chillout ice lounge


Impressive photos from the kingdom of ice will add contrast to the tape of a hot holiday in Dubai.


Chillout ice lounge is a unique cafe where even the furniture is carved from ice. Inside, you will immerse yourself in the world of magnificent ice sculptures: from imperturbable camels to romantic hearts.

At the entrance, visitors receive outerwear, because the temperature in the cafe remains at -6 degrees Celsius.


Arrange an unforgettable ice photo shoot in sultry Dubai!


№19 Dubai frame 


Capture yourself in the backdrop of the largest photo frame in the world! The Dubai frame is a colossal building with a height of 150 meters and 48 floors.


How about a breathtaking walk across the transparent glass bridge on the top floor?


A visit to this incredible observation deck will not only cause unforgettable emotions, but also add extremeness to your social network feed.


№20 Atlantis the palm, the pointe


The new shopping and entertainment complex impresses not only with a huge number of restaurants, boutiques and entertainment centers. It offers a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf and the most expensive resort of Atlantis.


Honestly speaking, this is one of the most photogenic places in Dubai. Relax and arrange a colorful photo session in the backdrop of incredible landscapes. Then you are right here - Atlantis the palm, the pointe.


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№21 Meydan bridge


Do you want an enchanting photo for social networks like from the movie “Mission Impossible”? We are sure you are intrigued.

Visit the unique undulating Meydan bridge and organize a cool photo shoot for your blog.


We strongly recommend you to plan your visit at night or in the early morning. Photos in a blue backlight overlooking sparkling Dubai will be stunning.


Salt Studio Dubai can not only organize a photo shoot for you, but also rent a sports car for cool shots in the background of the bridge, write in advance, as a rule, all days of the photo shoot are booked 2-3 weeks in advance!


Dubai is an amazing city that knows how to surprise. whatever place you choose, the scope and creativity will not leave you indifferent!


Salt Studio professional photographers will help you to keep all these incredible memories. Photographers will be happy to guide you into the world of amazing landscapes and entertainment.


Fill out the form below where you would like to have a photo shoot, and our managers will contact you within 24 hours (on business days) and help you to plan the best route and organize an unforgettable photo shoot!

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