Top-10 location for professional photoshoot in Dubai: Blue Waters Island

Special location in Emirates that attracts thousands of people every year is an artificial island created in Dubai: Blue Waters. This is an amazing place to live, enjoy the vibrating atmosphere of the luxurious fleur of Emirates and of course, take some memorable pictures.

Perfect place for glamorous photo session for a pre-wedding, engagement or love-story:

3 places for shooting

Blue Waters is separated in 3 zones:


1. Residence living area. Private and reserved place for families who are focused on their wellbeing and having the best of what Dubai can offer. All the places are separated into different zones, such as townhouses or penthouses, as well as apartments. Every residence is counted with extra facilities, gyms, swimming pools and outdoor kids activities.
This is the most private area of the island and photography is not welcome there, as long as you are not resident. Salt Studio Dubai respects privacy of the emiratis and are trying to never get some private details of the apartments or locals. 


2. Restaurant & lounge area. Countless restaurants with world’s cuisine, as well as several lounge cafes with vibin atmosphere and some good music. Lights, sounds and people are creating a relaxing, but festive impression while enjoying lunch and dinner with friends and families. Architecture is more relaxed here, but still has a very interesting perspective. The same as in the residential area, while shooting - make sure you are not interrupting anybody’s time & no people who are visiting Blue Water Islands are being photographed by accident. 


3. Touristic area. Ain Dubai and walking bridge that connects the island to the mainland of Dubai is something that attracts tourists from all over the world. The biggest Ferris Wheel in the world will beat the one that is in Las Vegas or New York and is supposed to be a true marvel. This is the most comfortable area to have photoshoot, as no special permission is needed and this zone is officially known as the tourist zone of the island. Wood structure of the bridge will bring some rustic vibe to the photoshoot, but the contrasts of the magnificent views of Dubai will provide necessary modern light.

Night photos for your lifestyle photo session - amazing lights of Blue Waters Island

Trying something new for your blog or social media? Take a look at the amazing illumination of the most luxurious artificial island in Dubai. Modern architecture, strong style statements and futuristic constructions will be on your side. This may be a good choice for an aesthetical photoshoot with bright flowy dress and photography in movement. 

Enjoy your photo fantasies and have fun while taking pictures with Salt Studio Dubai.
Book your photoshoot today and discover one of the wonders of Dubai - blue water & mysterious night will help you create your own Arabic fairytale of the modern world!

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