How to prepare for the desert photoshoot: 6 life hacks

Welcome to the United Arab Emirates! We are so excited to meet you and get to know everything about you. Doesn’t matter what emirate you will be choosing, Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Ajman, we will be able to provide you with one of the most stunning locations for the photoshoot - the great Arabian desert! 



Were you always dreaming about the sunset photo session with the professional female photographer in the Middle East? Just imagine - an Arabian fairytale coming true and you are the main heroine in this dream!

Salt Studio is offering some of the advice for you, based on our experience. If you will take them into account, the photoshoot will be fun, easy and with a great result. 


1. Time 

When thinking about the desert, it’s very important to remember that the time of the year is crucial. The best time to shoot in the sand is from October to April, when it’s getting “cold”. Remember, there is no shade in the desert, just you and the sun. 


2. Morning or evening

Even if you are visiting hot emirates in the summer season, don’t worry - all the photo ideas are possible. Just take in account the fact that you will have to count on very early mornings - for example, 6-7 in the morning. It’s the only time when the sun is not too aggressive and the temperature is bearable. For the evening shoots, it’s better to go with 16.30 - 17.30 shooting. to catch the “golden” hour.


3. Different sand

Deserts are different. You can see it for yourself - somewhere the sand is very light and yellow, and some places of the desert are almost red. This difference is explained by different ingredients of the sand. 


4. Car is needed
When getting to the picturesque dunes - it’s extremely important to have a jeep or a car that can go through sand. If you are choosing not to use safari jeep services, remember that there will be a little bit of a way to go or climb to the dune, as the sand is not starting directly after the road ends. 


5. Shoes

It’s very important to have flat shoes or flip flops, or even sport shoes - we are always advising client’s that comfort is the most important thing, when facing the sea of sand. Bring with you a bag with some extra shoes, wet wipes, and other stuff you might need at the photoshoot. It’s better to be prepared. 


6. Water

There is always one thing that’s missing in the desert, and it’s water. Make sure you have a lot of drinking water with you, because it’s very important to stay hydrated and not tired while shooting.

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Salt Studio is excited to offer you a romantic photoshoot in the heart of the United Arab Emirates - desert Al Madam! Great way to memorize your vacation, special night or even an engagement. 


Shooting in the desert is one of a lifetime experiences and we highly recommend memorizing your next vacation in such a special way!


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