Anniversary gift idea for your vacation: 5 romantic photoshoot options in Dubai desert

When planning a vacation with your significant other, one of the main things not to forget is - taking as many pictures as possible. Memories can fade away, and we want them to always stay with you. Spending some quality time with your partner in one of the most impressive deserts in the world - this plan sounds like  a lot of fun!

Post-wedding photography for a couple - just you, your other half and the sea of sand at the sunset!

A lot of tourists who are visiting Dubai for the first time are attracted by the idea of having some pictures taken in the desert. Sand & dunes are perfectly capturing the Arabic vibe of such a magnificent and unique place. Here are some tips to look a little bit further from the standart “sandy” pictures: 


1. A camel
If you are not afraid of animals, having pictures with the camel is a great idea. What can scream “desert and the Middle East '' more than a beduin camp and camels? 


2. Horses
If you are up for a little bit of a challenge, try to go on for the horse ride. Very romantic and also - picturesque, as the contrast of gentle woman, strong man and gracious animal is creating an illusion of the fairytale. 


3. Red sand
You hear us right - this is what color the sand turns when going further from Dubai. DO some homework and research, and ask a lot of questions - your photographer will be happy to help!


4. Jeep
Safari Jeep is not just a luxurious way to travel in the desert, but a necessity if you want to look fresh and “calm” in the pictures. This is what tourists don’t know about - you actually will have to walk in the desert, climb the dunes, etc. - until you find the landscape you like. 


5. Falconry
Very ancient thing to do, traditions of the falconry in Dubai are almost as old as the beduin stories about the desert. When attending a wildlife safari, pay attention to the bird option - this will be an amazing way to enjoy the hot climate of Dubai and learn more about its history and traditions.

Salt Studio Dubai - professional photography for your vacation memories in the Middle East

Choosing a photographer for your professional photoshoot when on a vacation can be stressful because of many reasons. Language barrier, not being able to review a lot of feedback, difficult communication, etc. 


Salt Studio has been providing professional photography and videography services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates for more than 5 years. With more than 15 years of experience in wedding, portrait, newborn and other photography directions, Salt Studio is a trusted partner for your unforgettable Middle East experience!


Book with us your professional photoshoot and discover the best anniversary present ever - creating your own memories in the hot heart of Dubai desert!

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