Best pre-wedding photography at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa

For our 12 solid years in the wedding photography industry, we have had the opportunity to visit a huge number of beautiful places to shoot a wedding ceremony or engagement. However, a couple of years ago, we discovered an incredibly beautiful place for a photo session – not far from Dubai. All thanks goes to our friends who invited us to shoot this beautiful Nigerian engagement. We stayed at the magnificent private bungalow of the Al-Maha Desert Resort and Spa, located near busy UAE cities: Dubai and Abu-Dhabi right in the heart of the desert.

The luxury resort – combined with the luxury of the Arabian heritage – will forever be engraved in our souls and memories. One can hardly believe that the modern Dubai and Abu Dhabi are just somewhere around raging with life. The atmosphere of chic, tranquility and seclusion, which swallows you immediately you enter the hotel compound, is absolutely something else. The team of professional photographers from Salt Studio will do everything possible to help you witness and appreciate this spectacular experience through our photos.

Sunrise and sunset in the desert is simply breathtaking. This experience is more pronounced when you observe it from the terrace of a private villa featuring its own swimming pool. Every room has many beautiful authentic things that would immerse you even more into the atmosphere of Bedouin life.

Engagement and wedding photography in a luxury interior

Choosing a place for a wedding photo shoot is usually a hard choice for any couple in love. The first option for the best photos is the villa itself and the territory of the Al Maha Resort and Spa hotel. Our photographer was inspired by the luxury interiors and stunning views from the window. Absolutely all newlyweds are always captivated by the unique architectural design of the hotel, which consists of 100% privacy, even when photographing outdoors.

Nigerian wedding in the Arabian Desert

The second option for a wedding photo shoot is the Arabian Desert. This particular option was chosen for a Nigerian pre-wedding photography. The mysterious atmosphere and natural scenery of golden sand immediately wins over the newlyweds. This truly fabulous place also blew away our very experienced photographer, who has over 100 engagement and wedding photography in UAE in her portfolio. The bride and groom can also rent beautiful horses – a stable is located nearby. Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa even has its own flock herd of camels and a stable of thoroughbred horses, for a memorably authentic Arabian experience. Photography with thoroughbred animals turns out to be incredibly beautiful, with a note of oriental charm.

Amazing photos about your best travel в Dubai

Photography in Dubai on a background of a magnificent desert with a hot sunset is our favorite part of the photography process. Even if your wedding has long passed, we still recommend that you drop by this beautiful place for at least a couple of days. And of course, don’t forget to invite the photographer to capture the happy moments of your eastern fairy tale for years to come.


Nigerian wedding photo shoot at Al-maha Deser Resort and Spa:

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