Amazing baby photography – moments of absolute happiness in a family album

Our photo studio is pleased to offer you a full range of services for beautiful little baby photos in the UAE. We see this type of photography as a very challenging one because we must create the most comfortable and safe conditions for your little models. Our female photographers can carefully and delicately handle these kids because they themselves have their own children. It is women that are most able to feel a baby’s mood; they know what clothes to dress the child with and what angle to capture. Besides, your little angels are unlikely to obey a photographer and pose at her request. That is why it is extremely important for us to capture every interesting moment and every emotion of your toddler.


Why is it so important to photograph your baby in the first months of his life? Time flies with tremendous speed, and the child grows and changes right before our eyes. It would be wonderful to preserve these fleeting moments, such ridiculous and touching moments, so that you would be able to watch and admire them after many years. Our professional photographers will produce the most adorable and tender baby and child photos in such UAE cities as:

  • Dubai;
  • Abu Dhabi;
  • Sharjah.

How to get the brightest and most beautiful photos of your baby

Our photographers take the shooting process as a very serious business. That is why we focus much on the preparation stage. In advance, we discuss with parents the location of the photo session, clarify all the necessary details, and study the baby’s daily routine. It would be better to allocate about 3-4 hours for the shooting in order to have time to change clothes and feed the baby, carry out the necessary hygienic procedures or put him or her to bed. The most important thing in this process is patience and the ability to feel the little darling, capture the slightest changes in mood and adapt to them. Once the child is in good spirits, the photos will definitely turn out great.

A photo session without props is not complete. Props make photos of a baby interesting and original. They help to express your child's personality, turning the child into fairy elves, beautiful princes and princesses, funny bunnies and amusing bees. We have special backgrounds for shooting toddlers and beautiful accessories. We are well aware that the safety and hygiene of your little darling are always paramount. That is why the props, which we get from certified vendors, are used once and specifically for your baby alone. And if you have nice little things that you would like to capture in the picture, we would gladly use them in the shots.

The best creative baby photography in the UAE from Salt Studio

Come and make a wonderful and touching photo shoot with your tiny angels. Your little treasure fills the world around you with love and tenderness, and you want to always remember every moment next to him. Hurry now and order from us the best baby photography, which will become the greatest asset in your family archive.


Our photographers put their entire soul into creating truly adorable baby photos for you. So why do our photos turn out so beautiful and extraordinary?

  • We have the best and latest photo equipment, and that is why we are always able to produce really high-quality images.
  • Our photographers have so many creative photo shooting ideas.
  • Original accessories and props help to create unique images of your little models.

Order from us your tender baby photos that would at any time give you an amazing tour of your kid's childhood!


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