Ahmed and Olga's wedding, Miracle Garden, Dubai

We were invited to make a wedding photo shoot in the Miracle Gardens by the wonderful couple. Our beautiful bride Olga is from Russia and her beloved Ahmed is from Egypt. This beautiful union is the mixture of two great nations and cultures, and as you can see, the tall handsome groom and the soft gentle bride look absolutely stunning together.



The couple decided that they want an outdoor photo session, surrounded by nature’s beauty. The Miracle Garden is an ideal choice. This labyrinth of a park is filled with beauty and delicate romance. Imagine yourself surrounded by millions of beautiful flowers, walking under flower-filled arches or sitting at a pond with pink flamingos. Pictures in front of a whimsical castle covered with flowers or next to a beautiful arrangement of flowers with sprites peaking through are a perfect addition to your Love story.


Would like to feel yourselves lost in a fairytale world, where you can forget about everything except the magic of your love?! Call us, and we will gladly accompany you into this magical world and capture the enchantment of the moment, so that you can run away to your own Secret Garden anytime you wish!


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Always yours,

Olga Leonova

Principal Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio Dubai.


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