Baby Nyra: 3 month old baby photo shoot

What does ‘proper’ age  mean? 


A very important point is the age of the baby, this must be a key issue and taken into account when planning a photoshoot.

  • For successful photography of a newborn - book it as early as possible, ideally - literally during the first several days of life. When the baby is already 14 days old - you can not call him or her ‘newborn’.
  • The exact term is ‘baby’, and yes, you can still try to take photos before the baby turns 1-1.5 months old, but it will be way harder to do! Nearly impossible to do as easy and quick as 1-1.5 hours photo shooting and get a really luxurious result.

Then comes the period when we strongly do not recommend any photoshoot - many babies suffer from colics, they become very sensitive to any noise, touch, and get a hectic sleep. Putting such a baby in a basket or some other props is very difficult and totally uncomfortable for the baby! And he or she still cannot sit steadily or hold his head confidently, and it's really difficult for the baby to pull up on his hands.

  • 7-10 months - The next great age for your baby’s photoshoot is when he is a little stronger and older and can confidently sit WITHOUT support.

This will be a completely different photoshoot and a completely different baby! Do not miss this moment, because when a child learns to walk, it will be practically impossible to put him in a basket and hold him in one place for at least a minute!

  • 1-year photoshoot or Smash Cake. First birthday? So, the baby should have the first festive cake! There is a great way to treat a child on his birthday, keeping intact the nerves of his parents and cleanliness in the house. Smash cake is a small cake that is placed on the birthday table and with which he is free to do whatever he wants.

All babies are precious - every age is special for them & their family. Don’t miss the opportunity to “stop” the time and forever keep the moment of your little one growing and passing main milestones. 

Book your baby photoshoot in our studio or outside - perfectly lifestyle photographer for the baby boy or girl and the family.
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