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4 options for the twins photoshoot: newborn photography in Dubai

Welcome to the world double miracle - not just one, but two beautiful babies at once. We are so pleased to congratulate you on this splendid occasion and offer you one of the best ways to celebrate this date - professional photography for newborns in Dubai. 


We are so happy to create unforgettable memories for the families and their newly arrived babies. It's a true blessing to be involved in such intimate moments and we are giving grace every day for the opportunity we have when meeting our customers.


Memorable photography session with your family and babies in United Arab Emirates

Twins is always double fun, as you will get to choose double the outfits and props for the photos session. 

Let´s discuss the options every family has when going for the twin photoshoot:


1. Similar outfits

Similar outfits, just contrast color - for example pink and brown, black and white, red and yellow. All the colors you like - let's apply them and will set free our imagination. How fun it is, to play with different textures and color solutions, while little ones are peacefully sleeping.

2. Themes & outfits

Dressing little ones with the animal outfits and other themes, such as marine, forestal, etc. Body suits, hats, hairbands - every photography studio has a very big selection of the props and decorations for the little ones. Just ask about your options!

3. Wraps

One of the to-go options for every newborn photographer is a wrap, as the babies  calm down very easily, when wrapped and comfortable. Salt Studio is offering a big variety of cotton, fliese, wool, faux fur and other materials for wrapping your precious babies. 

4. Parents' hands

Always a must: picture with the loving hands of the family. Twins are usually born a little bit smaller, and it allows parents to have each one of them in each hand. The picture of prosperity, calmness and happiness - this is how the mom & daddy holding their babies look like.


Satisfaction of our customers, professionalism and baby-friendly politics: we are proud of what we do

Whatever you choose, Salt Studio is always supporting your options and trying to accommodate the needs of every family. Our newborn-friendly studio in Dubai is expecting you!

Flexible dates. publication permission discounts and many more benefits for you and your lovely family. 

Salt Studio - memories will stay with you forever!


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