Our best photographer for kids – touching photographs revealing moments of pure happiness!

Our photo studio is happy to offer you creative child photography services in the sunny UAE. Children are the brightest and purest things ever in our life. That is why it’s important to be able to on time catch once-in-a-lifetime moments in their lives. We will make touching photographs of your kids, which you will be able to watch with love and awe after many years, remembering with amazement all the beautiful moments of your child’s childhood and growing up.

Let our bright photos preserve such cheerful and carefree days as the beautiful smile of your precious child. Our photographers will make professional photos of your kids in any corner of the Middle East, including in such UAE cities as.

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

High-quality photography for kids – revealing the secrets of our work

Professional child photography is the most complex kind of shooting. It would be difficult to get a child pose in front of camera lens for a long time and obey the photographer's commands like adults would do. Kids are constantly in motion, running around, jumping, being naughty and even falling asleep in front of the camera. These little models could hardly understand what is required of them at this moment. Even the most professional photographers could find it a challenging task sitting them down for at least a second. But children's emotions cannot be faked; they are sincere and natural. Professionalism is certainly very important when it comes to children photography, but something else is also needed here.


Apart from solid work experience, our female photographers have the main advantage – they have their own kids. Having your own kid makes you know what needs to be done to get a really high-quality photo of a small baby. First of all, we will establish emotional contact with your kid so that he or she could begin to trust us and not be afraid of the camera. It is very important to    captivate the child and get him or her carried away, to engage him or her in a fun game, to help him or her relax and pour out his or her emotions. Each child is unique in his or her own way, and we have our own key to each of them. This has always enabled us to get original and unpredictable shots.


Our favorite locations for photography for children

Preparation for a photo session is also a very important stage that would help make the process easier and more comfortable. Our children’s photographers focus much on the choice of a location, thinking out and selecting accessories to create a whole image. Before we photograph you kid, we definitely need to get to know him or her closer, know the kid’s character, his or her interests and preferences better. This would enable us avoid wasting precious time on establishing a contact with the kid during the shooting process, but to commence the photo session immediately.


Street photography will be the perfect choice for older children and for kids group photo. We can photograph them at a classy promenade overlooking the bay, at a luxurious beach with golden sands, at a shady park or at the background of most beautiful sights. It is when the kids are walking that the pictures turn out to be especially bright and emotional – when the child is learning the world, showing his or her curiosity, actively communicating with peers, playing or moving.


But sometimes the weather on the street may be unsuitable for a comfortable photo session. We have a great way out in such situation – a mobile photo studio, where we make magnificent photography with children. It features bright backgrounds specially prepared for children's photography and professional lighting equipment. In a familiar home environment, the kid will feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed, and the shots will turn out to be natural and real. Such locations will help you actualize your most creative ideas and create emphatic portraits of your child.

Wonderful children photography from Salt Studio – the magic stories of childhood!

Our female photographers know all the ins and outs of baby and child photography and always take charge of the shooting process with utmost professionalism. We will make unique pictures for your family album, which you will gladly watch again and again with the whole family. We will surely take into account all the photography aspects that are important for you. We’ll listen to your wishes and support your ideas. With our photographers, every photo shoot session is easy and conducted in a relaxed manner. This is necessary so that the kid doesn’t get tired quickly and we could obtain sweet child photos.


Here are a few reasons why we make high-quality children photography:

  • We use the latest professional equipment for photo shooting;
  • Our photographers have over 12 years experience in children's photography;
  • We use cutting-edge software solutions for photo post-processing, bringing the images to perfection;
  • And most importantly – each shot is a piece of our soul!


Order for amazing photography of children from us, and we will capture all your child’s brightest emotions in every shot!


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