Commercial photography: Real Product Photography

vs. White Background Photography: What's the Difference?

1. Transparent background


Clear background means that it's completely removed.  it's removed so delicately that you will be able to add any background and you will not see a missed pixel. That is because we not only cut around the piece but also within each segment of the small chain or the jewellery element.


2. Maximum quality 


Photos are done in the highest quality so you can see everything clearly including the smallest details. Even the smallest internal details will be caught. 


3. Artistic retouch 


Each photo is edited with the artistic retouch. This is not only the removal of the debris supporting elements such as sticks, stands and mannequins, scratches and dust . It also includes the complex removal of reflections unnecessary shadows and highlights. 


4. Shadow and reflection


Shadows and Reflections can be added according to the client’s wishes.


Below you can see commercial product photo shoot with a transparent background, focus stacking and Artistic retouch. In our classification it's a real product photo:

On the next photos you can see a simple shoot with a basic retouch, on a white background without focus stacking, artistic retouch and background removal.  We name this kind of shoot creative, here we can shoot more that 1 item, make a layout with all set or collection.


As you can see some background  are quiet white, some are grey a little bit, not all details are very clear but in general it's good enough.  The idea was to shoot as much items as possible. So if your budget is limited you can choose this kind of shoot for your website and instagram.


Do you see the difference?

Factors Affecting the Price of an E-Commerce Product Shoot


If we are talking about high-quality product shoot with payment by photo, the cost depends on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the product, as well as how the product needs to be fixed in front of the camera.


Some products can simply be placed on a surface, while others need to be suspended or secured using special equipment. This can affect the cost of the shoot, as it may require more time and effort to set up and photograph the product.


There are other factors that can also influence the price, such as the photographer's experience and expertise, the location of the shoot, and the editing and retouching requirements. However, some factors can be difficult to objectively evaluate, so we have made our pricing structure simple and straightforward, based on the size of the product.


This means that you can be confident that you will get a fair price for your product photography, regardless of the complexity of the product or how it needs to be fixed in front of the camera.

Why are the commercial photo rates set per photo and not per hour?

Clients often ask if we offer hourly ecommerce photo packages, wondering if it would be cheaper. It would absolutely not be cheaper, and it is incredibly difficult to predict how many jewellery pieces can be photographed in one hour.


Product photography is a challenging process because each product is unique and requires careful attention to details. It can take up to 30 minutes to find the perfect angle that will showcase the product in all its glory. Once the angle is set, the product must be fixed and styled in a way that is both flattering and informative. Finally, multiple frames, about 20, must be shot with different focal points to ensure that all aspects of the product are in focus.


Can the commercial shoot be done on a smaller budget?

If you sell inexpensive (i.e. mass market) products and don't have a budget for professional product photography, you can consider using a creative photography package with hourly payment. Actually it will be a simple jewellery shoot on a white background and for some brands this type of quality is enough.


This type of photography will not allow us to focus on different parts of the product, the background will be blurred, and there will be no special effects or artistic retouching. The background will be white, but it's important to understand that white is the most complex colour to work with as it has an infinite number of shades. Even if the background is carefully adjusted , the photos may look slightly different on your website or Instagram feed.


Some photographers call this type of photography product photography, giving a false idea to the clients that their rates are lower. We however prefer to call it what it is. Creative photography is a great option for inexpensive products, but in reality it cannot replace professional product photography. 


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