Photoshoot with the animals: wildlife in the desert photography In Dubai

Lately, one of the most popular photography in Dubai became the “flying dress” option, where the wind of the red dunes is kissing silk fabric, creating an amazing dramatic effect for the photography.


Salt Studio is discovering a new option to enjoy the magic of the photography session in the desert by adding not just accessories and other types of drama effects, but also by hiring fury helpers. Are you curious? Follow the article to find out the options for the photography with animals in the heart of Emirates, the Great Arabian Desert!


3 different types of animals for the photoshoot in the desert

After so many years of experience with taking photos in the sand dunes, Salt Studio discovered one of the most exotic ways to make photo-experience unforgettable for you and your partner. Living animals, trained to be outside, will help you to achieve WOW effect and make the shooting one memorable adventure!


1. Camels

Born in the desert and living in the desert, those amazing beasts are feeling very comfortable with the hot temperatures and can work with a photographer and a model if needed. Camels can be a little bit moody, but there is always an option of a tasty treat! Camels are always advised on having their mouth covered, to avoid any accidents possible.


2. Horses

What can be more stunning, than a graceful horse, running across the sand dunes, covered in sunset light? We love working with horses, as those smart and beautiful animals are very good with clients, patient and enjoying the posing and attention. It is crucial to remember that not just people, but also animals can be easily dehydrated, when the sun is high, and the air is dry. We are always making sure that horses won’t be too long in the sun and will get plenty of water and rest after the photoset.


3. Falcons

A mysterious bird that has been reigning the desert since ancient times, they are still the kings of the desert and are being used to take some stunning pictures. We are advising to purchase falcon only with the specially trained person. Please, keep in mind that special gear will be necessary to handle those gorgeous birds.

Photos for your vacation - best option to enjoy the piece of the Middle East forever!

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