Special photography experience in Emirates - female lady photographer in UAE!

Welcome to the Middle East, a magical place where new technologies are connecting to the ancient traditions, creating the intriguing, exquisite and high-quality vibe of the United Arabian Emirates. 


The whole new world is ready to open up for you and let you experience all the miracles of 1001 nights. Hot desert, crystalline waters of the sea, sand storms and most luxurious shops in the world: nothing can be compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates!

Memorising your vacation as a photo-story - good way to bring your travel impressions anywhere you go

Salt Studio is a company that has been providing local citizens, as well as tourists and visiting couples or families with professional photography and videography for more than 16 years.


We are promoting a policy of discretion, privacy and unique experience.


With Salt Studio you won’t just go for a “desert photoshoot”, you will be able to use the safari jeep to get there, as well as many outfit & make up options from the trusted partners that worked with us for many different photoshoots. 


We are happy to advise you on the best places, locations, times of the day & seasons to shoot the perfect love-story, family photoshoot or “marry me” announcement.

4 best ideas for photoshoot in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Ajman:

Thinking about the opportunity to take some professional pictures while on a vacation can be stressful and intimidating. Here are some ideas of how to choose the right location for your photoshooting & have as much fun as possible:

1. Desert photoshoot Sharjah 

Of course, coming to the Middle East you can’t miss the desert visit. When coming, think of the “coldest” season - from October to May & make sure you coordinate the outfits with your partner or family. The sand color is a perfect frame for bright colors of clothes. 


2. Beach Ajman
Crystal clear blue waters of the sea in Emirates is very fun, especially if getting at the right time to catch the sunset. If you enjoy the summer breeze & some water splashing - come with us to the Kite beach and take some photos!


3. City walk Dubai
Salt Studio offers one of the most fascinating places in Dubai as the photo-studio - Old city of Bastakiya! Enjoy the ancient bedouin market, clay streets & colorite of the textiles, smells, colors & tastes in the heart of Old Dubai!


4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi
One of the most photogenic places in the Emirates - marvelous white building with the colorful ornaments on the walls - amazing one-of-a-lifetime adventure. We are highly recommending it for the portrait sessions (due to the ethical reasons, the mosque is not suitable for the couple photoshoots).

Photoshoot - fun, interesting and exciting way to spend time with your loved ones!

Salt Studio is a 100% female company, from photographers to retouch specialists, as well as managers & technical specialists. We are mobile and ready to bring our equipment anywhere we need. 


One of the best things to do for our team is to create memories for families, such as: newborn photoshoot, smash cakes, birthdays & pre-school photoshoots. We are offering a great way to store your photos - handcrafted album with leather cover and personalised design. 


We are able to write any text, such as wishes or memories in the album, creating a unique and significant family hairloom for you & your kids. 


Book your photography experience with our studio and find out about special conditions and discounts for publication permission. Salt Studio - we are keeping your memories safe, sound and happy!

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