A walk to remember: desert love-story photography in Bab Al Shams

Love can be shown in different ways, but we will always prefer to see it one time than hear about it a hundred times. 



We are here to show you that love exists and is even stronger than it used to be. Pre-wedding photography is the best way to show the world how much you mean to each other. It’s also the best way to preserve the moment, stop time and forever remember the beauty and magic between you too.

Best way to celebrate engagement is to take a photoshoot in Arabic desert

Outdoor location is always interesting for couple engagement, pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoot, because it is giving photographer much more freedom to be creative. Couples can pose differently, change the direction, move, walk, touch hands and have real fun, while capturing their love story.

Why to pick outdoor photography in the UAE desert for your pre wedding or post wedding shoot?

Dubai has a very big advantage, compared to other locations - desert! Engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot is perfect for the desert for many reasons:

  • great colors during any moment of the day (bright sun, contrast sand, different sand colour
  • great contrast between skin, sand, hair and clothes
  • options to change landscape easily
  • perfect for winter and late autumn time
  • no additional charges or permission needed for a photoshoot
  • options of clothes changing (different outfits can be brought in the car)

Let our photographer forever keep your happy memories by doing a desert photoshoot in Dubai

Our team has a lot of experience shooting in different deserts around Dubai and we are ready to take you to your own sand castle. Female-only photographers will show you the best location, will advise you on how to pose (providing free Top-20 pose guide before the photoshoot, so you can prepare) and will do their best to keep your special moments where they are supposed to be - forever in your memory!

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