Save priceless moments of happiness in amazing family photo shoots

What could be more pleasant than the precious moments spent with your nearest and dearest people in the world? We all appreciate these moments most in our life, trying to give our most special people warmth and love. After all, family is our most important asset in life. And when some kind of joyful event occurs in our life, we try to capture it via photography session, so that after many years, we can tremblingly in our soul leaf through the pages of the album – together with our children and grandchildren – and remember those moments that are dear to our heart.

The Salt Studio team will very gladly organize photoshoot for family at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays of your wonderful kids and any other events. Your amazing holidays come only once in life, so it's very important to allow professional photographers capture all the best shots. Be certain that only vivid and bright pictures will be preserved in your magnificent album, filled with authentic and genuine emotions.


Getting ready for the best family photo session together with our photographers

Female photographers from Salt Studio take their work, their adult clients and small children very seriously and passionately. We easily establish contact with children, because apart from being professionals, we are also mothers. Besides, our team focuses not only on the shooting process but also on each stage of preparation for the session. To embody all the conceived ideas about your family photo shoots, it is important to take into account a lot of minute details. We will help you organize everything in the best way:


  • We develop a scenario and come up with a story that would highlight the uniqueness and individuality of your family;
  • We choose the right location – a beautiful studio with original props, the interior of your house, the enchanting corner of nature or luxurious architectural structures;
  • We make candid photography at any of your celebrations – be it at an anniversary, wedding or birthday;
  • We come up with costumes, make-up, intriguing accessories and colorful props that would make the family photo session fun and creative;
  • We create a premium-class handmade luxury photo book specially for you. It contains all the best pictures.


Give your family a world of vivid emotions via a photo shoot from professional Salt Studio.

Professional photographers from our studio have solid experience in children's and family photo shooting. That’s why they easily find an approach to each client. We care about creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for you during the process. It's only thanks to mutual trust that we can capture really authentic and lively emotions in the photos. Our female photographers are well familiar with the most beautiful locations in the amazing UAE for magnificent shots. We will be happy to invite your wonderful family for glamorous photoshoots in such sunny cities as:


  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

In order to ensure that the shooting takes place in the most comfortable conditions for you and your children, we offer mobile photo studio services. In any location you choose, we will deliver a complete set of professional photographic hardware, lighting devices, various backgrounds and original props. Our photographers will also print out the best family photos right there on the spot for your relatives and friends. You would agree that it would be great to receive your wonderful photos right after the session.


For our customers who regularly invite us to their events, we have developed special packages at favorable prices. Some of the services included are:

  • Several photoshoots of important family holidays, filmed over the year;
  • Creating an exclusive handmade album containing the best shots from all your festivities over the past year.


Do you dream of the most memorable family photo shoot that would preserve your warm memories forever? Contact us in any convenient way and find out the prices for our services right now.

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