Family photoshoot in a studio - cozy place to be yourself in Dubai

Are you looking for an option to make family portraits? We are offering a great deal for photo studio shoots for couples and families with kids for family archive. Studio has a lot of decorations, backgrounds and furniture to use. Photographer will always be able to do incredible shots indoors, because:

  1. Light is always right. Light is crucial for good portraits and close ups shoots. 
  2. Nothing will distract from you. You are able to pick a background for your photo, and there will be no distraction in the back. 
  3. You can relax and let go of your worries. Studio is a quiet and cozy place, where you are in the center of attention. Remember, for our photographer you are a star!
  4. Absolute privacy. We have a female team, so there will be no male interruption from the side through the whole process - from shooting to retouching and printing pictures. Just you and your family, people who love you.

Relaxing and cozy atmosphere of our studio will make you and your family feel at home

We are always offering options or different outfits and other accessories if needed. Depends on what is closer to your taste - formal portraits of you and your loved ones or informal playful photography. Here, in our indoor studio, we will make your dreams come true, and forever keep the most precious moments of your happy life!


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