Female videographer in Dubai: true story about Russian lady behind video camera

One of our team members, Russian wedding videographer, is sharing her experience of working in UAE as a video creator. Brave european lady arrived in Dubai and decided to change the world by showing the best part of Dubai: healthy restaurants, wellness & fitness as a way of life.


When was the first time you got familiar with the creation of the video? And what impressed you the most?

It all started when me & my friend decided to create a new type of Vlog for Dubai. Everyone knows how to party in the UAE, but not a lot of visitors are aware of the “healthy” Dubai. We were doing videography in the best places  for sport, healthy restaurants and other “positive” places.


The idea was to not just become “one more page with pretty pictures”, but create motivational video content and promote our Vlog as a lifestyle. 


This is how I got trapped - suddenly I understood that I want to be a creator of the video, not just a Russian lady-model in front of the camera.


Is it a career or hobby - being a female videographer? What do you like to shoot as pleasure and what do you shoot as pure business?

First it was a hobby, something I did purely for myself. After I started to get into it, I felt a lot of need to learn more, know every little detail. For example, creating a wedding videography in Dubai.  This euphoric feeling of watching your own elaborated video - I wanted to share it with other people, with my customers. It’s like being a director of your own movie, and expressing exactly how you feel and what you feel. 


I like to create videos about lifestyle, fashion, sport and traveling.
Favorite things to shoot business wise are the beauty industry and restaurants. It’s a big responsibility to be able to create a “best selling” video.

Next life changing discovery was the “magical” effect of the video editing - truly like a wand from a fairytale. Special effects, extra options - all this can be used to give some additional color to life.
It’s an art, to fit one hour of life in a two minute video. Not just an art, but also a time machine.



Nobody knows about this, only female videographers in Dubai…

I am absolutely sure that nobody, but videographers, know the real price & timing for the video. There is no customer who would understand the real price of a second.


If you could shoot anything in this world - what would it be?

Pretty egotistical wish, but I would love to live life so bright and interesting, that I could make it as an autobiography.


Three main rules of every videographer?

If we are setting aside all the technical details, there is just one rule: you must create a video while being in a good mood. Camera shows everything, even if you are trying to hide it.



Salt Studio Dubai photography & videography - best choice for creating a memorable heritage for the most important moments of your life!

This is always a challenge - to create something from scratch. To provide that Russian female videographer can and will be successful in a foreign land, golden Emirate of Dubai. Offering a video service for the Arabic wedding means that the videographer has to follow very high standards. Not just professionally, but also in discretion, respecting privacy and traditions of the cultural aspects of UAE.

We are proud to have a 100% female Russian-European team of professional photographers and videographers to provide the best services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates.


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