Professional food photography – 
the bright story of delicious dishes all in one shot

Food and drink photography is an extraordinarily interesting, but labor- and time-consuming kind of photography. It requires certain preparation. Dishes are real photo models, often very whimsical, but which definitely should look aesthetic, beautiful and delicious in a picture. Since you cannot convey in a picture the taste or smell of dishes and ingredients, our photographers use professional equipment, correct lighting and the best angles to capture a truly mouth-watering food photo.


Our photo studio offers the brightest and most extraordinary food and product photography for websites, blogs, magazines, booklets, cookbooks, cafe and restaurant menus, advertising and so on. With our photos, guests at your restaurant would rush to order for a stunningly delicious dish, and your buyers would not want to let go a culinary book featuring our magnificent pictures. Our professional food photographers work in such UAE cities as:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

The secret tricks of taking mouth-watering food photos – from our commercial food photographers

To get a perfect shot, our food photographers work in tandem with true professionals – food stylists and chefs. Who, if not them, best knows all the ins and outs of cooking and presenting dishes? Together, we choose suitable shooting backgrounds, prepare necessary accessories, determine optimal lighting and camera angle, and discuss the tiniest little details of the shooting process. It’s only by interacting with each other that we are able to get such an image that would immediately make you to want to eat it.

We follow latest trends in the world of modern commercial food photography. The trends help us to keep our photos stylish, aesthetic and fashionable. There are also three important ingredients that must be there for you to capture amazing pictures – the photographer’s high professionalism, beautiful dish presentation and a flawlessly constructed composition. Our professional food photographers bring solid experience to the photo shooting business and this enables us to produce not just refined pictures, but authentic works of art.

Our photographers have their own secret tricks of how to produce impeccable food photos:

  • The basic rule is that the food MUST have excellent appearance on the picture. It is the photographer’s task to – through photos – depict the smell of the dish, its taste and texture.
  • Vegetables, herbs and meat products would look much better in a shot if they were lubricated with oil. Oil would give them shine, beautiful glare and reflections. We have a lot of such tricks in our stock.
  • The fresher a ready-made dish is, the better it looks on the photo. Hot dishes look attractive because cool food loses its shape and appearance.
  • When food photography, every little thing matters. For example, an unwanted crumb or drop of sauce looks unaesthetic in the shot. But beautifully spilled spices near a hot steak would look appropriate.
  • It is important to consider which area of ​​the shot to focus the viewer's attention on. This area should be made as sharp as possible. Such visual priority would enable you present the dish in the most effective light.
  • We use various parts and kitchen accessories to create atmospheric photos. This could be original cutlery, beautiful wares, an attractive tablecloth or napkin, a wooden chopping board and vintage items.
  • Bright or pastel color accents, like in artists’ paintings, have an influence on the viewer – they evoke certain emotions. Our photographers precisely know which colors in food and product photography fuel one's appetite, which ones calm you down, and which ones are just to please the eyes.

Beautiful food and product photography – unique and authentic emotions in every shot!

Our photo studio offers original and stylish still life food photography. We do not just take photos of food and drinks, we convey even the taste of the dish through our shots; we tell a story and present a certain narrative. We sincerely believe that each dish has its own charisma and its own character, and we will surely show this in the images!


Our photographers use the latest photo equipment in their work. This has been our key to producing highest-quality images. Contact us to order for such kinds of professional food photography, as:

  • Still life photography of food products;
  • Promotional food photography;
  • Professional gourmet food photography;
  • Booklet and menu food photography for restaurants and bars.

Our teachers and inspirers are award-winning and internationally acclaimed masters of food photography – David Loftus, Helene Dujardin and Matt Armendaris. They have great taste and produce classy photos!

Order for creative food photography from us, and we will make the most mouth-watering food shots for you!


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