Stunning Indian wedding photography in Dubai - the reflection of your love story

Our photo studio offers you a full range of services for photo shoots of Indian wedding ceremonies. We are shooting only the most beautiful and noble Indian weddings for considerable time and have studied all the nuances of Indian wedding photography. Our professional photographers are working for you in United Arab Emirates:

  • Dubai دبي
  • Sharjah الشارقة
  • Abu-Dhabi أبو ظبي
  • Al Ain العي

The main principle of our work is a trustworthy communication with the young couple, which we build at the point of preparation for the wedding. Our main aim – is to create the most comfortable ambiance for  bride and groom on their wedding day for getting really vivid and natural Indian wedding photographs.

We do not just make photos for you, we live a small, but so important, moment of your life. We are filling a photo with live emotions and real feelings

Bright Indian wedding photography - gasping moments of a stunning celebration

We have had photo shoots at a lot of amazing Indian weddings and are familiar with traditions and rituals of wedding ceremonies. As real experts in Indian wedding photography we know how to put lights and what angles to take pictures to make the moment look good and get an ideal photo.


Being professional photographers of Indian weddings we have studied all those majestic rituals consisting of many steps, starting from preparation to the wedding day until the wedding dinner. Those events last for several days gathering a lot of guests, relatives and friends around the young couple. Although Hindu weddings are imbued with a spirit of religion they are filled with lots of emotions and touchy moments.

  •     Tilak – Is     an engagement in which only men from both families participate.   During that ritual the father of the bride gives the groom presents and puts a mark with red curcuma or saffron on the forehead, indicating a man's affiliation. That’s a very important ritual showing that the brother and father of the bride are happy to greet and see the groom in their house.
  •     Misry – a solemn ritual during which the young couple exchange     their rings. This day the groom’s family give gifts  to the bride. This is a day when the final date of the wedding is set.
  •     Sangeet – our wedding photographers happily participate in that wonderful colourful  Hindu ceremony with dancing and singing. We will make wonderful photos  of women in amazing, colourful  dresses glorifying the couple for their love to each other.
  •     Mehendi – touchy     ritual     which     helps us to better know the     family     and     friends of     the bride. To also show     wonderful     henna  patterns     on     hands and feet     of     a wonderful     bride.     Spectacular contrast of the brides skin tone and tattoo patterns shows her beauty.     The Bride never leaves her house after that ritual up until the wedding day.
  •     Haldi is a ritual of smearing yellow curcuma paste on hands, face, feet  and other open body parts. It will cool the body and gives a nice     glow on the wedding day. Due to that riot of colours, Indian wedding     photography is distinguished for its brightness and originality.
  •     Garba – pre-wedding dancing party which gives a perfect opportunity for relatives and friends of the couple to get acquainted and socialise before the wedding day.

During     the most important day we would pay a lot of attention to jewellery,  wonderful dresses, shoes, the brides bouquet and the decoration of the     place – to all those details with makes a wonderful patchwork     of your luxurious celebration. The most important thing – we will catch all the emotions filling that remarkable day.


As with time you keep watching your great Indian wedding photos you will go through the happiest moments of that day.

Professional photographer for your Indian wedding – is the best choice for your remarkable event

To get an idea of our professional capabilities and our professional approach you can have a look at our portfolio. We offer different packages of Indian wedding photography. They might include photo shoots of just selected rituals and moments or the whole ceremony during several days. For getting all necessary information, please feel free to contact us.

To give the best possibility of enjoying your wonderful photos of an Indian wedding we are offering you:

  • Exclusively designed photo album or photo book of best photos
  • Slide-show of the most remarkable pictures of the event backed up with     music
  • Post-processing of your photos to make every caught moment of your celebration unique
  • Same day printing of wedding photos  to make an excellent  present for your guests.

Trust us with the photo shoot of the best day of your life and you will get bright memories for the happiest  moment of your enchanted wedding day!

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