Instructions for the jewelry models: 12 TO-DO before the photoshoot

Hi, my dear ladies! My name is Olga Leonova, I have been a professional photographer for the last 17 years, 7 of which I am working in Dubai. Jewelry photography is my favorite  type of shooting, but also - the most difficult one. Even if you are very experienced at your job, please read my recommendations, as there might be a grain of good advice. I will be very glad if we will be a great team & will work together further.


The main advice: PLEASE, DON’T be late! It is way better to arrive 15-30 min earlier, have some coffee and become familiar with the photographer & team, than to arrive in a great hurry and make everyone wait. A lot of times the team can be as big as 5 to 7 people, and the studio can be rented, etc. 


1. Manicure: french (white tips) or neutral. If right now your nails look different, please, send pictures in - we should advise the client. 


2. Hair - clean, no fixing spray, etc. (if we don’t discuss upfront that you will be doing your hair yourself). Please, bring your own brush, bobby pins, hairpins & scrunchies, just in case.


3. Makeup - neutral. Please, bring with you your own tone (that is perfect for your skin) and a powder for your skin tone. If there will be no make up artist - please also bring with you several choices of lipstick.
If the make up artist will be provided - please, moisturize your skin on the night before.

4. Hand - PLEASE, use moisturizing cream. We are shooting the jewellery products, there will be A LOT of attention to hands. 


5. Skin - we are begging you to be honest & if something unexpected happened to your skin (such as allergies, breaking out, etc.) - please let us know & send a picture of how it is. We can advise the make-up artist if we are able to fix it for the shooting, or it’s better to give you some time to heal & reschedule the photoshoot. It is very important to take care of video shooting!


6. Clothes. Now, we are bringing a wardrobe to the photoshoot, but if you have sone dresses, blouses with the open neck and natural colors, you are very welcome to bring your clothes too. We are speaking about white, beige, nude, light-blue, pistacchio, light-pink, as well as classic colors - black & red. It could be casual clothes, but also - cocktail dresses, etc. NO PRINTS!

7. Questions are welcome - don’t be shy and ask whatever you want, share pictures of the manicure, clothes, etc. 


8. Posing. If you never did jewelry before, prepare for a completely different way to shoot. It has nothing similar to fashion photography. We strongly advise you to check Pinterest & practice in the mirror. Of course, the photographer will advise you on the photoshoot, but if we will have to place every finger - it will be very time consuming. 


9. Please, take some snacks. A lot of times the photoshoot is going longer than expected and I am not always in possession of the food that’s acceptable by the models. But, we are absolutely providing coffee & tea. If the shooting is not in the studio, do not forget to bring some water!


10. Picture. Please, do not torture me the next day with the questions: “When the photos will be ready?”. We are taking up to 1 month to prepare pictures. Then, they will be published by the client, and you can do the repost from the social media accounts. After a couple of months, reach out to me, and if the client is giving permission, I will be sending you several pictures in HD quality. 


11. Please, let us know your Instagram account, we will tag you on every post we publish from the photoshoot.


We are genuinely wishing you good luck at the shooting, get a lot of beauty sleep & don’t be nervous, all the shootings with Salt Studio are always fun & relaxed!


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