Create a unique impression of your room design using bright interior photography!

Luxury interior photo shoot is a rather complex, but extremely interesting and exciting area in modern photography. Only experienced masters, who have actively accumulated practical experience for years, can reveal all the secrets of this genre. Salt Studio photographers have not only perfectly mastered the technical side of this art, but also offer a wonderful artistic taste that allows for creating real masterpieces.



A decently executed interior photo shoot is the basis of your advertising materials and your success. So you should let only seasoned professionals to handle this process. Our photographers will not only make general views of any object, but also pay considerable attention to important finest details. We will make sure that the viewer singles out your photo among thousands of others for detailed consideration. A photo that would make him to immediately want to immerse himself in this atmosphere – that’s what we offer.


Our photographers will not only take a beautiful picture for you, they will craft a whole visual story, something entertaining and interesting. We offer our services in the most stunning corners of the UAE:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

Professional interior photography from our masters – the ideal choice for your portfolio

Our photographers closely follow current trends in the interior photography industry. That's why they can efficiently implement any of your ideas and wishes. We will help to create an interesting and accurate representation of your home, office, hotel or restaurant. We focus on the key details and highlight important features of the room or object.


In Salt Studio, you can order the following types of interior photography:

  • Beautiful presentation of hotel rooms and the interior of restaurants, which will trigger positive emotions and confidence in the viewer, and a desire to get inside this bright picture as quickly as possible.
  • Attractive and informative photos of interiors of apartments, villas, houses, individual rooms (bedroom, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens), swimming pools and landscape design around the house for real estate companies. This makes your offer to stand out against the background of many other similar objects.
  • Formation of exclusive portfolio for designers, architects or design agencies and studios, which will reveal your professionalism and demonstrate your works to a wider range of clients.
  • Image portfolios for manufacturers of furniture, home textiles, lamps, in which we will emphasize the texture of finishing materials, exquisite decoration or originality of furniture. The true beauty of your goods will be revealed.
  • Photo shoot for thematic magazines on design, repair, construction or architecture is a high-quality visualization, which allows any person to immerse himself in the world of bohemianism and style.
  • Commercial photography used for advertising purposes, for printed and electronic catalogs, booklets and posters allows you to get expressive images of your object, demonstrate it in the best possible way from the aesthetic point of view and perspective, attract the attention of maximum number of potential customers.
  • Colorful and creative photos for websites of furniture companies, salons, shops, exhibition centers and any other customers, whose professional activity is related to interior design, as one of the main tools for advertising goods and services.


Luxury design for your interior in amazing photography from Salt Studio

It's no secret that in this sphere, we deal mainly with commercial interior photography. So it's very important to engage only real professionals and specialists in our field. After all, these experts are key in forming a positive image for your company and ensuring proper perception of your brand. Salt Studio photographers have the necessary professional skills and can handle every task creatively. We will be able to present your product such that potential customers would see it in the best possible light.



We have everything you need to get your best interior photography:

  • Only professional photographers with extensive work experience and excellent artistic taste;
  • Strong commitment to everything that we do, full interaction with the customer on all issues;
  • Our team has cutting-edge photography equipment that enables us to shoot in any condition, thereby allowing you to represent your interior in the best light;
  • We maintain strict confidentiality, therefore your copyright will never be violated;
  • Our masters know the art of beautiful and effective photography retouching. After all, our multilevel processing turns images into real masterpieces;
  • We work only officially: drafting and signing a contract and providing all necessary documents;
  • We offer flexible payment conditions – in cash or through bank transfer.



Contact us right now for our prices and services. Order for your stunning interior photography!


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