Jewellery photography with black background

Choice of a background for jewelry depends on a purpose - for example, the best background style for shooting design jewelry for online catalogues and advertising is simple black background. First of all, using a black background helps bring out the piece due to the high contrast and secondly this is a classic composition that doesn’t distract attention away from the jewelry.


Our photographers have plenty of experience working with different styles of photoshoots for different purposes. So as with any photoshoot the process starts in deciding what you want to have as an end result and what the purpose of the photographs is. Once you decide on that we can help you get the perfect images of your jewelry in the style you need.

Unique diamond jewelry and black background

We had an interesting challenge to accept - big quantity, good quality and little amount of time. The owner of the jewellry company wanted the following outcome: 3-5 pictures per piece and no need for a special Photoshop retouch, just light and tone correction. We also agreed on retouching the background, if needed. 


This is how it turned out:


  • 5 hours of shooting
  • 1200 RAW pictures
  • 60 pieces
  • black background
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How was it possible? We had a lot of assistance, provided by the client himself. We had 3 assistants and the company owner, who removed the tags and placed the items in the special stands, in the softbox. We also got lucky, as the client presented at the shooting, advising how he sees every piece of the jewelry, so it was very easy to meet their expectations. 


We shooted just diamonds, specific transparent stones with white shine - and it helped, as we didn't have to change the light for different stones. 


On the following shooting you can see our SILVER package that includes basic photo-correction (light and tone), then we did some little extra Photoshop after the shooting was done (no difficult retouching such as “gluing” pictures together, background removal, shine removal, etc.). 


Salt Studio Dubai: exquisite pictures of your gemstones by our photographers on black, white, transparent or creative backgrounds. We always follow the directions of our client to get the best result for them. Book your shooting in our studio or in your showroom - we will bring all the professional equipment and necessary tools. High quality cameras and softboxes will compliment your amazing creations and will let them shine as bright as hot UAE sun!


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