Jewellery videography in Dubai: how to increase your online sales

Every time when we meet many amazingly talented designers - we are so inspired by their  energy, new ideas and new designs for the future collections. Designers are ready, models are ready - and professional videographers from the Salt Studio team are also ready!


Let’s talk about what benefits videography brings to your brand and why it’s a great idea to use video clips as a commercial source in the UAE.

Video of your jewelry collection - 5 reasons to say “YES” to your videographer

The Internet is introducing to us new features and options to promote our product every day, From new social media choices, to the challenging Google algorithms that are giving us new puzzles every day. But we sure know the secret on how to be trendy and popular on any platform and at any time: video clips & professional videography.


5 advantages of professional jewelry videography

1. The light
You, as a designer, know how important the light is to highlight the stones and metals of the jewellery creations. Sometimes it may be challenging to display a ring, earrings or bracelet in such an universal way, that the piece would catch all the needed light. Video is solving this problem: moving the centerpiece allows us to see every tiny little side of it, in full glory. 


2. The movement
Sometimes, jewellery pieces might look intimidating and too much in the photos. Video of your jewelry is a great way to show it’s “real” self and allow the design to speak for itself. White background, black background, creative background with textures or even a model photoshoot - you will see that your designs are opening up in a completely different way.


3. The trends
As you surely already noticed, video content is becoming more and more present in our lives, and this is the trend that will stay with us long enough. You might want to invest some time and effort to create a special and high quality content for your landing page and social media.


4. The options
With the video you can create a unique brand atmosphere, as well as introduce the music, logo, brand moto or even URL that brings a potential customer to the landing page of your choice. It’s a great way to promote the brand as a whole, and not just one piece of jewelry. 


5. The sales
It’s already proven that while a modern person’s eye is focusing on the picture for about 1 second, the video's attention range is over 4.5 seconds, which gives almost 5 times more of a possibility that the potential client will become your regular customer. Try professional videography for your company and enjoy all the benefits with Salt Studio!



Book your photoshoot today and enjoy an unforgettable experience with the professional photo and video studio in Dubai. Salt Studio - we care about your product!


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