Kids fashion photoshoot - commercial photography for your brand!

Photo sessions for your online boutique can be a huge milestone for the development of the brand. As the online selling is different to face-to-face, it is crucially important to have the best shots of your models to demonstrate for your future customers. Choosing the right photographer will be one of the important steps you will be taking when expanding an influence of your brand. 


Fashion photography can be tricky, and shooting kids will be even more difficult - little models might suddenly become shy or uncomfortable in the big studios filled with a lot of equipment.

Commercial shoot in Dubai - new step for your brand

Commercial photography can be used on website, social media and online catalogues. Every way of using the photo will be demanding special conditions:

  • hand retouch in Photoshop
  • background removing
  • resizing for feed or stories
  • light & tone correction 

Salt Studio Dubai is providing in-studio and on-location shoot for the kids brands. Female team from Europe are very experienced in working with kids and babies, and will be a perfect fit for your brand.


Update your online boutique by shooting commercial photography in the studio

Being up to date with your client’s is the best thing any brand can be - attracting new customers or creating a stronger bond with loyals, by offering them new designs and pre-sales every now and then.
Fashion kids photography in Dubai is a great way to connect with more families and spread the word about your company. 


Salt Studio Dubai is providing commercial photos all over the United Arab Emirates, doing indoor (studio) and outdoor shootings. We are offering all the necessary equipment, as well as different backgrounds for brands to choose.
Flexibility, transparency and respect are the pillars of our company and we bring those values to every photoshoot. 

Book your commercial photoshoot for your fashion brand of kidswear and start a new chapter of your company - colorful and full of true emotions! Send us an email to know all the details and find out about special offers and discounts.
Salt Studio Dubai - always there, for you and your brand!

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