Now pose: 5 tips on kids modeling from Salt Studio Dubai

When looking for the best option of agency for your kids it’s important to know some insight and to make sure your baby likes to be in front of the camera. While having some time to check all “plus” and “minus” of this occupation, Salt Studio is advising to try and go with a couple of studio photoshoots. This will make you understand if your kid likes to be in front of the camera, to pose and, most important, is it’s comfortable for the little one.

Kids photo shoot - chance to have some experience for model portfolio with Salt Studio Dubai

A lot of families think that to be a child model is easy and the only thing you need to do is to have a cute face. Let us tell you a secret - all babies are cute, but not all of them will be able to get those contracts signed with modeling agencies. Let’s take a look at five important steps to take when trying out professional photography for your child portfolio:


1. Old enough
A lot of parents are thinking that if the baby is not shy and is not scared of strangers, they can put the child to the modeling jobs as soon as possible. But here is one important thing - when building a career it’s crucial for the baby to learn how to follow the directions. According to the modeling agencies, the best age for the try-outs will be starting from 2-3 years old. 


2. Your baby is not shy
While working as a child model may boost a baby's self-esteem a lot, it won’t do any good to the kid who is shy. It’s not bad at all, all the kids are different and precious, but don’t push your baby to do something they are not looking forward to. If the child has a shy character, he might become depressed while being pushed to interact with a lot of strangers every day. 


3. Clothes
What your baby is going to wear doesn’t matter much - not for the photoshoot, not for the audition. What will matter is confidence, attitude and drive of your child. Don’t overacessorize (in case you are just starting your modeling career), go with simple one-tone clothes and jeans. 


4. Easy from the start

Your baby is just starting, so don’t try to plan all your life now around modeling experience. Child’s education will always come first, and while the baby will be making first steps in front of the camera, while signing first contracts and getting necessary experience - there will always be time to make big changes. 


5.  Trust your agent
Even now when modeling business becomes more and more transparent, there are still a lot of scammers pretending to be modeling schools and modeling agencies. Before signing any contract and committing, make sure you did all the necessary research and the reputation of your agency can be trusted. Also, one more important point - a good, stable agency will never ask you to pay anything, as they will receive commission from your child’s payments when the shootings are being done.

Every little model has to present a portfolio for the modeling agency, so before you will start looking for a proper representation, some for a studio photo shoot with Salt Studio. Cozy home-studio with different backgrounds and accessories will help your baby relax and get first experience in front of the camera with a professional female photographer who is a mother herself. 

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