Romantic love-story photography: 5 reasons to have this anniversary gift

Having a photoshoot for the coule sometimes can be more of a crisis than a different taste when it comes to important decisions. Also, most of the time couples can contain from the partner who loves to be in the pictures and the partner who hates it, due to some stressful experience. 


Now, in this article we will explain to you why it’s a great idea to have a romantic photoshoot at your anniversary and how it will benefit your relationship!

Desert is one of the most popular places to take pictures around Dubai: especially in the cold season time

Romantic photography session for couples, or how photographers are calling it “Love Story” is as unique as every couple is. It can be a simple walk in the city streets, a hike or even camping at a park or a well thought out, almost movie-like story about your first meeting on a proposal. So many options, just let your fantasy fly and be as creative as you can.


Here are some reasons we prepared for you to help you make the right choice for the upcoming holidays.

Best holiday gift: 5 reasons to do romantic photoshoot

1. For someone who doesn’t consider themselves photogenic.
An amazing opportunity to remind yourself how beautiful and charming you are inside out. It's especially a great act of self-love. We have a lot of customers who are so pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the session, they can’t believe their eyes. 


2. For someone, who would like to repeat the best moments
Having a photography session in the wedding outfits is a great way to remember about one of the most beautiful and important days of your life together. Cute idea to have photos taken at the same location & maybe repeat some photos, enjoying the trend “How it started vs. How it is going”.


3. Pre-wedding photoshoot
It’s also a great idea to have your pictures taken prior to the big day, as a try-out. Brides can take a look how well the makeup and hair is going to look and grooms will have some time to practice in posing. 


4. For renewing vows
One of the most tender and intimate photoshoots is the one, where our clients decide to renew vows. Unique moments of emotions, shining on your face - love, surprise, gratefulness and respect will be memorized forever by Salt Studio Dubai. 


5. For bonding
Photoshooting the couple is a perfect team sport & also works like a therapy. When you have to work as partners and make each other comfortable, the success of the whole operation will depend on how well you collaborate. 



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