Luxury jewellery photoshoot - diamonds & emeralds

Royal designs and precious stones of AK Creations will leave you speechless. White and yellow diamonds shining so bright, sparkling like the most valuable jewellery you have ever seen. Emeralds are timidly glowing with soft light, but don’t let your attention get distracted by this subtleness, those stones are unique and keep the ancient secrets inside of them.  Stones for the true kings and queens, not anyone could wear them. Jewellery made for a very special person, for you! 


Salt Studio Dubai provided custom options of the photoshoot for those special jewelry pieces. We combined shooting with white background, black background and shooting with the model.


Jewelry photoshoot every season - great opportunity to refresh your portfolio!

Connecting with the client and encouraging them to become your loyal customers is an important task for every brand. To widen your horizons and try something new for your clientele, Salt Studio Dubai is offering special types of photoshoot - social media focused shooting. 

This photoshoot is made to provide you with a lot of visual material for your main channels of the brand influence - social media, website and online-showroom. Creating content for social media can be a challenging task for any brand. Salt Studio Dubai is offering closed packages focused on photo amount (resized and prepared for social media posting with light and tone correction).


Any brand can choose options for image editing: Lightroom for light and tone correction or hand retouch to provide extra clarity for the details. 

Diamond earrings, pendants, kings and bracelets - natural “fire” inside of the stones is hard to catch on camera, so it’s crucial to use “gluing” technique in Photoshop. Photographer of Salt Studio Dubai did several photos with different focus on every part of the jewelry pieces, and then combined pictures in Photoshop. 


This kind of a retouch is allowing us to see the magnificent glory of every stone and the whole creation. Every jewellery designer should know the difference between light and tone correction and professional Photoshop retouch made by hand.

Diamonds & emeralds for your website, social media or ads? Let’s do it with style!

If you want your jewellery photoshoot to become a source of the photos and videos for your social media - there is usually no need to retouch, and the photoshoot inself will be pretty quick. For shoots like that we advise to choose several creative backgrounds like wood or other texture and some of the accessories - silk scarfs or different fabrics will be very handy!

Salt Studio Dubai will provide you with a special “Salt Social” package:

  • number of photos of the content for posting 1, 3 or 6 months
  • custom resizing (feed, stories, backgrounds, etc.)
  • light + tone correction or Photoshop editing
  • creative shooting


You can book a photoshoot with Salt Studio Dubai in a professional photo studio or in your office and showroom - our photographers are mobile and will provide professional studio light, softbox and other equipment. 


Let your creations shine at their full power. We will make sure that your jewellery will look marvelous on the photos for your website and social media. Send us an e-mail or call us and we will prepare a special offer according to your request. There are no same prices as every design and every stone is unique - the same as our clients!



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