Maternity and pregnancy photos: how to involve your family in an easy way

Capturing the wonderful moments of a mum-to-be at the end of the pregnancy is one of the most favorite things for the team of Salt Studio. Working with the pregnant woman always brings extra tenderness, intimacy and magical vibe to the photoshoot. The glow of a future mum is a unique thing that can’t be compared to anything else in this world.


Having your family involved in the photoshoot can be stressful due to the fact that not a lot of husbands like to be in the pictures, as well as kids (especially toddlers) are not easy to interest for a long time. 


But, thinking on a long perspective - photos of such an important moment that involves all family is one of the best ways to create your legacy and be able to relive the moments of this magic time again and again later, when your kids are grown up.


3 ways to make your family be as excited about taking pictures, as you:

1. Unusual location


Studio photoshoot is always a good and safe way to play, but might be boring, especially speaking about little kids - they are in need of a change very often, and the studio might bore them faster than we think. 


Try to go on for some outside options, such as: beach (we highly recommend Kite Beach), parks (such as Miracle Garden, for example) or even a desert, that is a great idea.


2. Right timing


Use a weekend to enjoy some family time and take some beautiful pictures. It is important to plan a time where no one would be up for a nap, or food - a well rested and well fed family is the main part of the success of the photoshoot. Also, a lot of times it helps to have an award for good behavior - having some fun time after the photoshoot will be a great stimulation for a kind and modest way of behaving.


3. Same outfits


Salt Studio is offering and promoting a “mum and daughter” type of photoshoot, when mummy and a little girl are having the same outfits made with the similar fabric. Our designer is able to create any dress on request, and it’s so much fun to see little princesses dressed “just like mummy!”.  


We are advising our client’s to book a photoshoot in advance, when pair outfits are included and required. 


Salt Studio is offering a custom made, unique gowns of any color for you and the girls of your family. Matching dresses are creating the perfect composition for your new photoshoot.

Book your date today and discover all the benefits our new customers are getting! Salt Studio - happiness captured forever!


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