Maternity photoshoot in the studio - perfect solution for professional pregnancy shooting in Dubai

Professional photography during amazing pregnancy time is an absolute must - you will be glad you had this shooting in the studio to remember the special moments of your belly bump. 


Shoot with a lady-photographer in Dubai will become a great experience for you & your partner to memorize precious intimate bonds you share together and celebrate the miracle of pregnancy.


Some of our female photographers are mothers themselves, so they will be happy to assist you with all the preparation and outfit change on the shooting day. Here are some of the best angles to shoot on your maternity photo session to feel as pretty and glowing as you are: 


1. Hand on the belly


Of course, a classic of the posing - mum holding her belly bump, the most natural gesture in the world. Get a little bit more creative and don’t just put two hands on the belly - remember, one of the hands can be close to your face (like cheeks or chin), and also - playing with the hair. 


2.45 degrees angle


One of the most flattering positions (and also the one that will perfectly demonstrate your maternity status) is to stand approximately 45 degrees to the camera. This will show the best angle of your face and will highlight your belly. 


3. Sitting down


For sure, the standing position is the most elegant one, but sitting down will highlight another part of the photoshoot - the intimate, relaxed, and cozy side of pregnancy. Not just sitting in a classical way, try to cross your legs (“yogi style”), it will help you get more balance and gain stability in the position with the straight back. 


4. You & him

Of course, the photos of the two of you is an absolute MUST - both parents expecting, this is truly a moment of happiness. You can use the “spoon” pose, side to side, hands of both parents on the belly. 


5. Loving gaze

When asking baby mama to take a look at her belly, make sure she doesn’t have all of her head down - it may provoke the double chin effect and we don’t want that. Loving gaze is the most natural thing a mother can give to a baby, and while expecting a baby it’s even more seen - the curiosity and excitement of meeting a newborn for the first time.

Important to know when having a professional maternity photoshoot to memorize your pregnancy

The best timing for the photoshoot is the beginning of the third trimester. This month's belly is already showing well but mum-to-be is still very active & easy on moving around. The bump will be big enough to be well highlighted in the pictures and the lady will feel pretty and beautiful. 


Salt Studio Dubai specializes in family photography - we are ready and excited to accompany you through the whole journey of pregnancy announcement till the first baby steps as a newborn photo shoot and the first important milestone of a smash cake! 


Book your maternity photoshoot package and get a 50% discount for a newborn photoshoot with 2, 4, or 6 props & Photoshop retouch included in the price. 


Salt Studio Dubai - let us help you forever remember the most important moments of your life.

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