Traditional parts of a wedding ceremonies – Melcha and Henna nights in UAE

Just imagine an Arabic fairy-tale coming true, where colours, aromas, sounds and tastes come together to fulfil the most important ceremony for every local lady – the wedding party.


We are speaking about a long and complicated process that consists of engagement, melcha, henna, wedding itself and many other little traditional meetings and procedures. Of course, all this is done to give the bride and groom more opportunities to meet and know each other better, as well as get to know the families.

How to understand the traditions of the Middle East

Let's speak about one of the most important and fun nights for the Emirati brides – Henna night, or the night before the wedding.


Our team of professional lady photographers is attending henna nights all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah. We are focused on creating a vibing and magical atmosphere and capture the special moments of the celebration forever with the help of professional photography.


Female team of Salt Studio is protecting your privacy and making sure that no man can see the photos or video we are taking at the event.

Melcha night – where wedding starts officially

 Melcha itself is a name of a "period” between when the wedding contract is signed and the wedding party. Melcha is an event that´s a ¨male-only¨and is attended by the male members of the bride & groom families.



Melcha can be as long as both families are comfortable with – some couples choose it to be days, and some of them are going for months to take things slowly.


At the house of the groom, where the contract signing is taking place – this is when the union of two people is becoming declared valid. Although it's not a time to consummate the marriage yet, both families are taking an opportunity to get to know each other better, as they will meet more often now – a lot of family dinners will be organised from both sides.


Henna night – a colourful celebration for female part of local Emirati families

Our team is successfully working at Melcha nights and is often invited to the opposite events for women, such as Henna night, before the wedding night itself. We are speaking of one Henna night, where the bride is treated like a princess and guests are coming with music, songs, dancing and a lot of gifts.


Many traditions are exposed at the Henna night, starting from chanting for the bride´s wellbeing and till the groom will come in at the end of the party. It's the night, where guests are welcomed to paint mehendi on their skin, and most importantly – bride hands for good lunch and marriage prosperity. It's usually celebrated by the whole family and friends in one of the ballrooms, with red, green and gold decorations, sweets & meat dishes and gifts such as perfume, jewellery, dresses and cosmetics.


Bride is traditionally wearing a heavy make up and a green dress for good luck.

Professional photography for the traditional events: Melcha & Henna nights

Of course, to capture all these magnificent celebrations, tears of happiness and genuine emotions, you are welcome to book a professional photographer with Salt Studio Dubai.



Our lady photographers have been working in the United Arab Emirates for the last five years and have a lot of experience with traditional wedding ceremonies.


We offer a wide range of photography & videography services, as well as handcrafted albums, online-galleries protected by the password for your privacy and different types of retouching for portrait photography.


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Professional photography with Salt Studio – we are ready to capture your happy memories forever!

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