Men watch photo shoot with model - 
Salt Studio Dubai is ready to bring your ideas through the lense of photography!

Telling a story of a perfect mechanical watch is like writing a love-letter to a beautiful woman. Style, passion, tenderness, shine and real design decisions - this is what the great watch is about. 


Men do know how to write love-letters and they do know how to wear the right watch. Our model did an amazing job - showing the depth and engagement with the design pieces for this photo shoot. 


Our studio in Dubai is providing different options for the backgrounds, to make sure your design photography sessions will be exactly as you want them: full, intense and “yes-we-did-it-right!”.


Professional photographer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah: 
premium quality services at Salt Studio, UAE

Our photographer will be ready to provide anything you need:

  • black/white background
  • creative backgrounds (clothes, fabrics, accessories, etc.)
  • wide range of models
  • soft-box and professional light
  • photo and video
  • Photoshop retouch (creativity) and light and tone correction

Looking for the best studio to do photo sessions for male watches? We are ready to provide the best photography option in Dubai for your ideas. Come to Salt Studio Dubai, enjoy a luxury experience and find a partner for a lifetime!


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