Original photo ideas for wedding – fill your photo album with incredible memories!


We prepare thoroughly for the most important event in our life because on this exciting day, everything should be thought through down to the last detail. Most times, you would like to move away from the standard templates and boring workpieces that you have already met thousands of times in others’ wedding ceremonies. Your lovely couple is fascinating and your love is magical, which means you deserve the best and most extraordinary. Fortunately, there is lot of new ideas that would give you incredibly lively and creative wedding photography.

These shots can be romantic or amusing, cheerful or touching, funny or gentle, but their fantastic ideas will always come with a twist. Such wedding photography conveys the character of the bride and groom awesomely, it reveals the world of their emotions, and highlights their uncommon sense of humor. And after many years, leafing through your classy album featuring wonderful images, you will be delighted to remember the atmosphere of happiness and positive that reigned on that fabulous day.

Unique wedding photography tips from Salt Studio – paint your world with bright colors!

We've been photographing mind-blowing events for over 12 years and have already applied a lot of jaw-dropping ideas in practice. So we will gladly give you professional wedding photography tips. We are in constant search for new and unusual locations for photo sessions to make more creative and authentic shots. It is very important for us to move forward in our work and grow with each new customer. If you have original ideas for wedding photography in an absolutely stunning place, ideas on how to use an intriguing accessory or outfit to the best effect, we will offer you an additional discount. Our joint creativity will present a stunning result that will make us very proud together!


What are the spectacular ideas that will make your wedding photos unforgettable?


  • Unusual beautiful places. Wonderful ideas for wedding photo shoots can be implemented at the background of glamorous natural beauties, near the amazing architectural gems of the UAE, and close to famous sights. Particularly romantic are shots taken at snow-white beaches or in the golden sands of the desert. Sometimes, the selected location can also be discordant with the festive attires of the couple, but then this game of contrasts will be a very attractive one.


  • Images, costumes and make-up must match with the overall style of the wedding and create a festive mood. Extravagant accessories or decorative objects fill the shots with dynamics and highlight the uniqueness of the atmosphere. Bright props will help guests and heroes of the day to relax in front of the camera and look directly. A lovely wedding dress, gentle veil or sparkling bride decorations will become a central element for beautiful photo ideas.
  • Intriguing poses allow the couples to move away from common and same-type pictures that do not trigger any emotion. We can come up with an incredible number of unusual poses, and creatively use any location or props to the best effect. Improvise, play on camera, be yourself, relax, do not be afraid to look funny – this will fill your pictures with life, raw emotions and love that reflect the true you.


  • A story shot in a specific scenario. Each couple is gorgeous and unique in their own way, and your beauty always inspires us as we try to convey it in shots. But for our photographers, it is especially important to tell the story of your relationship in a whole series of photos. Come up with wedding photography ideas, which will slightly open the door to the world of your love and happiness. Such photo series – with a certain plot – always look holistic and seamless.

Surprise your loved ones with a collection of best wedding photography ideas!

While preparing for a wedding, we, together with the couple in love, think over the ins and outs of amazing photo ideas, which turn your celebration into a real adventure. Our photographers are open to everything new and non-standard, to make your life brighter, more intense and more intriguing. For us, each couple is a vibrant world of love, tenderness, trust and harmony. That is why it is so important for us to discover and highlight your individuality. Below are some secrets that enable us to actualize the most creative ideas for wedding photo:

  • Creative and innovative approach to everything that we do;
  • Thorough preparation for the shooting process;
  • High level of trust from our loyal and beloved customers;
  • Solid and extensive experience shooting mind-blowing love stories;
  • Only professional modern equipment.

Our studio will very gladly help in actualizing your extraordinary ideas and dreams. We implement the craziest and most unique wedding photo session ideas at stunning locations, in such UAE cities as:

  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi

Share with us your excellent wedding photo shooting ideas, and together we will make your wedding event a never-to-be-forgotten one!


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