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Sun rays have lit up your life and filled it with a new meaning. A tiny miracle – your baby – was born. Everything changed in an instant. Now, your entire world, your universe lies in this defenseless lump of great happiness. The first touch, the soft warmth and the breath of a brand new life on your hands. You are Love, you are infinite Tenderness. Everything that was there "before", does not matter now. Every moment that lies ahead is important …


Kids grow incredibly fast, especially in the first days and weeks after birth. We always do not have enough time to observe and admire every finger of our miracle and breath his/her warmth. Newborn photography gives us the opportunity to capture moments with our camera and provide parents with beautiful heirlooms they will treasure forever. In 2-3 weeks, you will not see the delicate transparency of the skin, and the lanugo that covers the shoulders and back of your cute angel. Most wrinkles will be smoothed out, only a few will remain. The baby will quickly grow up and move into a new (no less beautiful) stage in life.


But to preserve these first fleeting moments in your memory and on family albums, order a photo shoot for your little subject. If you invite our baby professional photographer in the first 2 weeks after the birth of your child, you are sure to preserve the most extraordinary memories forever. We will make an amazing journey into the dream world of your little darling and touch the mystery.

In recent years, a relatively new direction of photography has been spreading widely in Europe – with the participation of professional newborn baby photographers, who perform real miracles for happy families around the world. They carefully and delicately collect the most touching moments of the first days of your cute little angel.


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Photographs of the beginning of a brand new life – the life of your tiny newborn – which we produce with tenderness and love are nothing but real art treasures! Not every professional is capable of performing such magic. Photographing newborns is the most challenging type of shooting. A newborn and baby photographer should not only understand the child and be sensitive to his/her needs. It is important to keep the environment and situation comfortable for the tiny subject. Without disturbing his/her usual daily routine, without interfering in his/her personal space – the baby's comfort will translate into a beautiful, peaceful image. The photographer has to dissolve into the situation and become barely noticeable for the little model.


That's why our studio is meticulous when it comes to recruiting a newborn photographer. Our photo professionals are soft and caring, they will handle your precious baby as gently as possible. They know how to embrace the baby’s feelings and radiate goodness. Your little angel will easily get used to our photographer with warm energy and will be calm and happy. This is the most important thing in our business.


We normally advise all parents to in advance prepare for the photo shooting because this is a special kind of shooting. It requires subtle attention to all the ins and outs, as well as enough time to prepare characters and storylines. We will create an amazing story of the birth of a new life. But we will first agree on the details, discuss the baby's daily routine and regimen and prepare the decors. We take the safety and hygiene of your child very seriously in our studio. As a rule, all accessories and props are made specifically for the baby and are not reusable for other photo shoots.


When discussing a photo session with parents, we listen attentively to their wishes. We also get the following ready for shooting:

  • Cute and touching headdresses and headbands;
  • Beautiful cradles or small cots and nests;
  • Blankets and wraps;
  • Flowers.

All props, accessories and decors can be made in the style and colors chosen by the parents.

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Only 3 hours and the baby photographer will produce authentic pictures for you!

Given that our subjects are still very tiny, we will gladly come to your home – a place your baby is already used to. We will bring along all the special equipment, backgrounds, props, accessories and light. It is very important for us to capture the joy of a happy moment and to ensure that the baby is always comfortable. The parents only need to choose the duration, preferably 3-4 hours. This will be enough to capture the most touching moments without haste and bustle.


When it is necessary, you will calmly feed your tiny angel, change his diapers or put him to bed. In any case, our photographer for newborn babies will maintain your habitual rhythm of life and will be with you as much as you need.


Our talented newborn and baby photographers can vividly reflect the depth of feelings and the colors and dreams of your baby in photos. They can convey the newborn’s touching defenselessness and at the same time the passionate desire of the brand new person to live in love, tenderness and care. Give to yourself the most valuable gift – save these fleeting moments forever.


We can travel to any location across the UAE. Our favorite destinations are:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

We can also conduct photo sessions in the entire Middle East. Considering the very tight schedule of our female photographers, we recommend that you book your shooting dates well in advance, preferably 1.5-2 months ahead.

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