Easy way to choose your props: pick your favorite color, then pick your setups!

Giving birth to a baby is an overwhelming experience by itself already, and the days after are filled with job, happiness, love, but also with stress and a lot of preparations. If you are choosing to do a photoshoot for a newborn baby and family, it's better to have it prepared while doing your maternity shooting, or even before. 


But, no worries - Salt Studio is flexible and understanding, and our photographers know that sometimes the best ideas are coming last. If you are in a hurry to book your photos in Dubai, we created a special color theme for easy orientation!


When thinking about photography of your new baby, you will have an idea of what you would like to see - something gentle, pink or white, or maybe bright rainbow and butterflies. Or maybe you are up for some rustic mood with wooden baskets and blueberries?
We have it all! Our professional photographers and videographers created a color gallery for you to better understand your wishes. 

Let’s take a look and choose what you would like to see in the pictures of your new baby! 


5 obligatory options for newborn props:

A big selection of props and setups is always available at our cozy and baby friendly photo studio. Let’s see in more details what are the best options for your little one:


1. Wraps
Handmade wool wraps or cotton fabric - anything you can imagine, we have an endless storage of the baby cocoons. They are used to calm a newborn down, make them feel cozy and comfortable and create a centerpiece or just add some color or shade. 


2. Head pieces
Usually used for girls, flowers or ribbons, as well as lace and butterflies - head pieces are used for extra decorations and to connect image composition. 


3. Hats
Mosty are for boys, but usually depend on color. A lot of fun can be made with “animal” hats, such as bunny ears or lions, as well as birds and bees. Also, hat is always handy is the baby feels a little bit cold, as 80% of the body heat is dissolving from the head. 


4. Tutus and diaper cover
Every family  can choose if they want to go with or without a diaper photoshoot, but we usually recommend leaving the diaper on, to avoid all kinds of unexpected circumstances. We possess a big selection of diaper covers for boys, such as knitted or cotton “pants” and tutus for girls. 


5. Plaids and blankets
For extra comfort there are always extra plaids available that can be used not just as cover, but also as a background. We are advising parents to take a look at the faux fur options. It creates a great texture, as well as brings some extra flow to the photo session.

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Family photoshoot with a baby: fun time to spend with your loved ones

Recipe for the great photo session with your little baby is not a secret: full belly, calm parents and a little bit of preparation. Our studio is always thinking first about the comfort of our little client’s: we know the best temperature, extra white noise and light are important.

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