Nigerian wedding in Dubai: professional photography with modern flow of Middle East

Blending of traditions and contemporary influence is very important for the couples who are looking to create a romantic and nowadays ceremony, but also honor Nigerian roots and embrace the power of Africa.

Salt Studio is working with families all over the world, which provides our team with a high level of cultural education and clear vision for the future.

Special 3 - charming destinations and fresh ideas for your wedding in Dubai

We created some advice on how to enjoy professional photography for the wedding photo in 3 best destinations of UAE:


1.       Al Maha resort

Not a secret that one of the most impressive and valuable assets of the whole Middle East is the Great Desert. Our professional photographers are known for adventurous ideas and are always up for shooting the sand.

In Al Maha Resort, the beauty of the sandy mountains and the different colors of the dunes is making photo sessions dramatically different from traditional wedding photography.

When booking your current photoshoot with Salt Studio, make sure that you also think about how to get to the desert. The best option is always to have a Safari Jeep, that provides you with fast and easy transportation to the best picturesque landscapes. Usually, this option is provided by Al Maha resort.


2.       Al Qudra lakes

One of the most famous places to do desert camping is located just less than one hour drive from the center of vibrating Dubai.

Al Qudra is also known as  Love-lake, as some of the people believe that it has a shape of a heart. Be aware of the tourist season and always try to avoid crowds – photography is better when posing one to one with nature.


3.       Bedouin camp

What can be better than mixing some of the ethnicities together? Enjoy a night shop with belly dancing, open fire and traditional kitchen, as well as sunset in the unforgettable wilderness. Night photography for your wedding will bring stunning and magical flair and will sure make your evening special in your memories.


Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman – all the destinations are available for professional photographers and Salt Studio. Providing photo & video services all over UAE for more than 5 year and growing strong with every milestone achieved!

Desert photography for your wedding: creative way to enjoy the celebration

We are waiting for you to discover an amazing and charming wildlife of the sand jungles of the desert. White dress and delicate hair jewelry, stunning smile of your partner and quality time for the beginning of the rest of your life.


We offer packages for any price range, with and without Photoshop editing, as well as handcrafted albums, online-gallery (protected by the password) to share with your loved ones, and some props and decorations.


Allow yourself to enjoy this Arabic night & fascinating Middle East time with your partner. Choose Salt Studio professional photography in Dubai, choose perfect memories for your family heirloom!


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