Desert treasures: Outdoor jewelry photo session with a model

Mostly the jewellery photography is done in the studio, softbox and modeling is also in the studio. Meanwhile studio shooting would go right most of the time, it’s a very classical way to display your jewellery.


If you are interested in taking some risks and displaying your creations in a completely new and never seen lifestyle way, we are excited to offer you one of the most controversial places for the professional jewelry photoshoot - Dubai desert.

Lifestyle experience - display your jewelry collection in the shining sun


There are a lot of ways to display your amazing creations, but doing it with the model is one of the most interesting ways. The beauty and tone of the human skin is bringing extra charm to your jewelry, making it a personal advertisement and allowing your future client’s to “try” the jewellery on while watching the photos of your product. 


It’s also a great way to demonstrate the qualities of your jewellery that are not possible to see when shooting with the softbox. For example, skin contrasts, best tone of hair & lipstick, etc. Little details like this could become crucial in one way or another.


3 new places for your jewelry photoshoot outside of the studio:

We are so excited for you & your decision to take your professional photography experience further. To enjoy the moment as much as possible and be ready, we created a mini-list of 3 places that will be a good start for your lifestyle photography session:


1. Desert

Going to the desert in the winter and autumn months would be a win-win for you and your photographer. First of all, it’s a place with not a lot of people, that would allow you, model and photographer to connect better and without a rush.
Unlimited outfit change & natural light will create a special flow for your collection and will highlight the best features of your jewelry. 


2. Park (green surrounding)

Very interesting way to highlight the big stones and rich, big pieces of jewelry is to shoot it with the green, leafy background. It would create a natural vibes for your creations, heading a little bit to direction “charmed forest” type of thing.
We can advise on several parks of Dubai, and of course, one of the stars of the tourist attractions - Miracle Garden shady alleys and corners. 


3. Beach
Morning fresh photoshoot with the sunrise sun and salty breeze would create a fresh, young and inspiring atmosphere for your designs. Kite Beach in Dubai is located a little bit further and provides more opportunities not to be in the crowd than other beaches of Dubai.
We advise you to use neutral clothes and monochrome outfits for the beach shooting - white, light blue and pink will be a perfect contrast with crystalline water and sunlight!


Outside photography with Salt Studio professionals - unusual photoshoot for jewellery collections!

Any time of the year we will find an amazing opportunity for outdoor shooting, depending on your wishes and possibilities. Remember that Salt Studio is providing you with a free consultation about all the packages and times that are available, as well as a wide range of discounts:


Book your professional photographer services with us and receive 10% off for the publication permission!

Sat Studio - the shine of your jewellery will be captured forever!



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