Outdoor photo shoot in Dubai, desert or Marina: what to wear? What about a flying dress?

Personal image is the absolute centerpiece of the photosession itself. There are always a lot of ideas for every client, but it’s important to have some “win-win” options too. Looking your best and feeling your best in front of the camera - this is what a photoshoot is about. Because at the end it’s all about some fun time you will have with the dress, camera and nature. 


There can be a lot of stress when deciding about your outfits, make up, hairstyle… We like to advise our clients to think about it as a game of dressing up. Professional skills of our team allow us to highlight your best features and create an amazing experience of personal photo sessions in Dubai.


10 outfit choices that will make you feel confident at the photoshoot

Here are some tips about the outfits choices, so you can feel confident, relaxed and have a lot of fun while doing photoshoot:


1. Dark shades are good


Black and dark colors will benefit the pictures in one simple way - they have a “slimming” effect to the figure. Also, dark colors are perfect to show lines and the beauty of your face.


2. Don’t go too “colorful”


Just try to take it easy - we understand that you always wanted to be “lady in red”, but try to think about it that way - any bright color will draw attention and you might not be seen.


3. White always gives a fresh effect 


Always yes to white  - it looks fresh and “crispy”, and will highlight your figure in a flattering way.

4. No printing, no logos - keep it “clean”


Even if you are going for a boho look, please, try to avoid patterns, prints and even logos. First of all, a lot of times this makes photos look less elegant, and in the worst case - we won’t be able to find anything to combine the pattern with.


Check our collection of the flowing dresses from Dubai fashion designer Valeria Asad, she create an amazing collection of the beautiful silk dresses with long flying skirts specially for us! 


5. No shorts - too much open clothes


Try to avoid shorts or even a short sleeve for shirts. Showing too much flesh won’t play in your favor (of course, if it’s not artistic or nude photoshoot), and will demand more retouching.


6. Monochrome - shades of a different color


When trying to combine several layers might feel frustrating, here is always “yes” - go for the same color. And, if you are shooting outside - combine colors thinking about the vibe of your location. Might seem crazy, but a green dress in the park is actually a good idea.

7. Match with location - or go completely contrast!


Now, after the color is chosen, think about your location in a more creative way - if it’s a city downtown you go a little bit more fancy, if it’s nature or park - go for a more casual look.


8. Shoes actually do matter! 


This is a very important part that a lot of people forget about. Make sure you have several options with you - get a couple of your best footwear. If you are going for a bare feet look, make sure that you take care of your feet - pedicure (or it’s absence) will be seen on camera, and later on pictures.


9. Hair will be a halo around your face 


When shooting outside, you might want to let your hair go, giving a wind an opportunity to play with it. It will create more drama for the image and will give photos a natural and easy-going look. Or go with a sleek ponytail or bun - whatever you like more will work. 


10. Everything is allowed - whatever you feel comfortable with!


And by the way, if after all the tips you went through you still can’t decide what to wear - go bold and choose this one outfit you always wanted to try, but never could find the occasion. This is it! Your confidence is a key to success.

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Outfit is an essential part of the photoshoot - let’s make it perfect

We understand that all people are different, there are so many personalities, individual and special details and a variety of circumstances. But we are absolutely sure about one thing - beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and the most important part of the successful shooting is 100% your authentic self. 



When booking your session with Salt Studio, remember to ask for the FREE personal consultation to discuss your ideas and take a look at different options for the locations. Our team knows the most stunning places all over the Emirates. 


Salt Studio - let us make your vacation a beautiful memory that will live forever!

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