Outdoor wedding photography ideas: 
romantic deserts, historic neighborhoods and snow-white beaches…

The best scenery for a shooting is those created by nature. The surroundings of the UAE are filled with beauty, which inspires photography lovers and touches the feelings of newlyweds. Our clients often ask us the best venue for an outdoor wedding photo shoot. There is no single answer to this question. Every photographer has his or her own favorite locations that he/she would definitely recommend. We have prepared for you our own list of favorite locations for outdoor photo shoot in Dubai, where you can engrave your family history in a separate article. Here we want to draw your attention to the most basic directions for a shooting outside the walls of hotels and restaurants, which really deserve your attention in the UAE:


  1. The indisputable favorite here is the endless and unusually beautiful deserts in the vicinity of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The sand near the coast is lighter, and becomes more saturated and reddish-brick as you go deeper into the desert. It especially looks gorgeous at sunset and the first 15-20 minutes after sunset.
  2. The UAE is the home of luxury and style. That is why it’s simply unacceptable to visit here and not hold a photo shoot session in one of the snow-white yachts in the Persian Gulf area with a view of the fantastic night of Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Be sure to go on a boat trip together with one of our best photographers – you won’t regret it!
  3. Magnificent snow-white beaches with azure water – another place that deserves your attention, especially if you are planning a wedding or a honeymoon in the UAE. We know the best and most photogenic beaches in UAE. Ask us anytime!
  4. The UAE is not only the home of luxury, gloss, snow-white beaches and gold deserts. The country is so original and its locals so treasuredly and carefully preserve their historical and cultural roots that it is reflected in every corner: stunning historical neighborhoods, indigenous markets, Arab-style parks drowning in greenery and flowers – all this can and should become one beautiful platform for the embodiment of the most daring creative imaginations.

Best locations for street wedding photo shoot in the UAE

There is infinite number of ideas for wedding photography in the UAE. We’ve written about our favorite venues for outdoor photo shoot in Dubai, which will appeal to both UAE residents and guests. The country features a lot of interesting places for stylish photo sessions. Only a few of them are listed below:


  • Creek park, Hatta park, Mushrif park and Zabeel park – various parks in terms of vegetation and landscape design. Here, you will find picturesque trees, flowers and green lawns with arbors for a secluded photo session for a romantic couble.
  • Heritage Village – this historic and ethnographic village will take you several centuries into the past – the city of artisans and weavers. It is here that you can make 19th century style photographs.
  • The observatory – a luxury restaurant on the 52nd floor of Dubai Marriott Harbor Hotel & Suites, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city.
  • 360 – a circular open-air lounge located in the famous 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel. Today, this is one of the most popular destinations among eminent residents and guests of Dubai.
  • Madinat Jumeirah – a luxurious hotel and a mini city on water. It’s regarded as Dubai's Venice. This location is ideal for romantic boat rides with compulsory stops at numerous hospitable restaurants right on the waterfront. The Madinat Jumeirah Souk – one of the most popular and photogenic markets in the UAE, built in the style of ancient Arab architecture – is also located here. In our opinion, this is a very beautiful place where you can engrave your family history.


The best outdoor wedding photographer 
in Dubai at a reasonable price!

We pay special attention to additional accessories, while holding an outdoor photo session. For the sake of ensuring contrast in Bab Al Shams, we’ve once recommended a supermodel to wear a monochrome outfit of dark tones, which blended perfectly on contrast with a red convertible.
For an engagement photo session, a Nigerian couple rented thoroughbred white horses, which added a twist and helped the bride relax on such a heart-pounding day.

If your wedding event has already taken place, but you still want to make beautiful photos, then don’t worry. Be sure to casually visit our list of top locations with your partner without any reason. And of course, don’t forget to invite a photographer to capture the happy moments of an eastern fairy tale for many years to come.

Many have got used to inflated prices for the services of professional photographers. We are always open to your suggestions and original ideas. We would gladly offer discounts on any fresh idea. We are always glad to receive your offers and feedback.

Contact us right now and we’ll gladly help you choose a venue for a wedding photo shoot – a place that tells your love story the way it is!


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