Portrait photo session in Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

One of the most fascinating (and biggest) mosques in the world - Abu Dhabi treasure that is allowing entrance for both, muslim and non-muslim from all the countries. Salt Studio is offering an amazing opportunity to enjoy one of a lifetime experience by shooting professional portraits with stunning views of white castle-like Sheikh Zayed grand Mosque.

Inclusive experience for men and women:

everyone is welcome to see one of the miracles of Emirates

The grand Mosque that’s been named after the first president and founder of the United Arab Emirates, was founded in 2007 Ramadon month and is functioning ever since. As already mentioned, it’s one of the six biggest places of worship in Muslim world and is holding two another records: 



1. The biggest carpet in the world is covering the floor of this building. It has more than 2 millions of knots in its structure and the carpet's weight is almost 50 tons! Imagine having to vacuum this carpet - not an easy job, but so much worth it!


2. The biggest chandelier in the world is hanging in this mosque - covered in Swarovski crystals, it weighs more than 12 tons. This is an Emirati spirit - you go big or go home. 


Photography (and also professional photography) is allowed in Sheikh Zayed mosque, so Salt Studio is inviting you to create an outstanding photo session in the white marmol atriums of this magnificent building. Although visiting is allowed for both men and women, there will be some rules applying for mutual respect and admiring the worshipping place.

5 rules to follow when taking photos in the Abu Dhabi grand Mosque:

We all know that good manners and respectful behaviour will take us a long way. Let’s go through obligatory measures that have to be watched out for when doing professional photography in the mosque:



1. Dress appropriately

Of course, it would be weird to assume that everyone is allowed to come in without any precautions. Let’s be clear - we are in Emirates, so we have to respect their culture and follow simple rules.
For men - no shorts and no sleeveless shirts.
For women - you are supposed to wear a long dress (nothing transparent, even sleeves), as well as making sure no cleavage is seen, and clothes are not too tight to highlight every curve. 


2. Cover your head

Emirati women are wearing hijab, and sometimes - burka. At the entrance you will be asked to cover your hair and do not take it off until the visit is not over. 


3. Other visitors privacy
Taking portrait photography is always fun with Salt Studio, and our female team is ready to help in any circumstances, but let’s not forget that Emiratis are very private people who are valuing their family life.
Don’t try to be loud, attract a lot of attention and raise your voice. Instead, let’s find solitary corners with stunning columns and light that is favourable. You won’t regret it. 


4. Leave sensuality for the beach photo sessions
Focus on the face and poses, as well as gazes to the camera. Try to tell the story with your eyes, transmitting your feelings to the camera. Tell us how you feel about being in this special place. What colours do you see, what would you like other people to know about your experience? 


5. Contrast dress
When thinking about coming to Sheikh Zayed grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, think outside of the box. Building itself will be white and some of the ornaments in the inside atrium are colourful. Let’s go with dark colour clothing to create a stunning contrast of your face, eyes and outside bright colours.

We are welcoming our guests all over the world and thinking about their comfort first. When visiting the Middle East, some rules and traditions might confuse you. Our professional female photographers and videographers are always happy to provide all the necessary consultations and create stunning memories from your vacation and visits to Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and other Emirates!



Contact us by WhatsApp, email, phone or Instagram and we will gladly answer all of your questions and book a special package for you. Salt Studio - let us take care of the visual memories this time!

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