Photo tour, day 1: Dubai Marina, flowers in the Miracle Garden and Jumeirah beach

What are we planning to do

1.30-2.30 pm Miracle garden

3.00-4.00 pm  Marina walk

4.30-5.30 Jumeirah beach

Miracle Garden in Dubai

Visit the Miracle Garden in Dubai and you will believe that the impossible is quite possible.

This is the largest flower park in the world with the world’s most renowned landscape artists designing new attractions with each season. You wouldn’t of been able to imagine the kind of beautiful ideas that are transformed into real life picturesque expositions.

Take photos in front of a giant flower watch or walk under beautiful arches of flowers. Walk through a tunnel with a rainbow of umbrellas hovering above. Truly the perfect place for a romantic stroll that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. This magical park shouldn’t be missed out on by anyone who appreciates Nature’s beauty.


Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is the glamorous modern side of Dubai. No historical architecture, here you are surrounded by new age skyscrapers that stream into the skyline and a waterfront filled with obscenely expensive and beautiful yachts. The most fashionable,expensive and luxurious waterfront properties are here to astonish and amaze you with their grandeur and prestige. Perfect for a promenade and photo session in the Elite part of the city.

Take a photo sitting in an burjoi bistro enjoying a drink. In front of glass skyscrapers that make Manhattan look small and outdated. At night, when the whole waterfront lights up with thousands of lights. Let your imagination run wild and fully enjoy all the glamour of Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach

To finish off our tour is the Oasis in the middle of the desert. The white sands and the clear sky blue waters of Jumeirah Beach, palm trees and green foliage make for a dream like picture. We can do a photoshoot in the scenic greenery or in front of / in the azure waters, or on the beachfront promenade. And of course, the view from the beach which offers a spectacular shot with the Burj Khalifa in the background.



Enjoy the sun, play in the water or layout on a lounge chair sipping a cocktail. There are playgrounds for the kids and an area to play a little volleyball. Fully equipped with all the modern necessities and beachfront cafes and bars.This modern beach provides the perfect relaxation you deserve.


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