Amazing pre wedding photo – a dress rehearsal for your main event


Salt Studio offers an excellent opportunity to prepare for the photo shooting of the most awaited day of your life – magnificent pre wedding photo. Our clients who ordered for pre wedding photo session before the main event feel more confident and relaxed in front of the camera on the very day of the marriage. We conduct a kind of master classes for the client on how to pose correctly, we teach the couples how to carry themselves in order to create shots that are really alive and natural.


Our female photographers will offer you a lot of original ideas that will make your photos intriguing and creative. You can play the story about the dating of young people, take photographs in locations that mean a lot to both of you, or develop any romantic story that reveals your relationship. The scenic landscapes of the UAE and the fairy-tale architecture of cities will be a perfect background for such a photo shoot.

Allow yourself to be free and liberated on your breathtaking post-wedding photo

Post wedding photo is a great opportunity to plunge again into the ceremonial atmosphere of your wonderful day. It is an excellent occasion to put on your glamorous outfits and take another series of shots in places you couldn’t visit before. If there are no more guests waiting for you at the banquet hall, and you have enough time to spare, you can devote all your attention to shooting. This is a great time to experiment in the most unexpected venues, it is an opportunity to take a walk through the charming and romantic surroundings of cities, hover around until sunset in the desert or fly with the breeze on a snow-white yacht.

Luxurious golden beaches, textured barchans, well-groomed parks, magic palaces – any location that will transform your pictures into real masterpieces is at your service. Or maybe you need something unusual or you are ready to make exclusive shots? Then check out the idea of shooting in your wedding outfits right in the water. Or what of a fun-filled painting of each other with bright colors? Such "scandalous" photos will definitely become the highlight of your wedding photo collection.

Collect the most breath-taking photos in a box of memories – Salt Studio photographers will help you in that

Our photo studio provides a full range of wedding photography services for your main event. You can also order for original pre and post photo sessions that would produce photographs, which will become a worthful decoration for your family album. Just imagine how intriguing the experience would be when you look at the album – filled with completely diverse and unique shots – after many years. And most importantly, we will definitely be able to create your dream shots, because we will work together with you in advance to develop the script and meticulously think it through to the last detail. We will come stocked up with extraordinary ideas and free time.

Plunge into the exotic and luxury world of the UAE and make breath-taking photos in the most beautiful cities:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

Allow your dreams and crazy ideas to be embodied in the most romantic pre wedding photography from Salt Studio!

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