The most affectionate pregnancy photo shoot – in anticipation of happy changes

Pregnancy is a special condition in every woman’s life. Nine magical months dramatically change both our inner world and our appearance. The eyes shine with special gloss, the body transforms from day to day, acquiring unique femininity and touchiness. We plunge into new, unexplored feelings, because now we have a small heart beating inside us. Every woman would like to try to pause these fantastic moments and capture them forever in the family’s memory. An amazing photo shooting of this wonderful period is a very intimate and touching process that requires the photographer to have a special relation with the photo model. In our studio, our photographers treat the future mothers with care and warmth, creating the most comfortable conditions for them.

Female photographers from Salt Studio are not just professionals with extensive experience in the business. We stand out among the crowd all thanks to our love for everything that we do, a sense of beauty and an unusually bright view of the world around us. We create real works of art – cool and colorful pregnancy photos, filled with vivid emotions and tender feelings. There are several things that distinguish us from others:

  • High level of responsibility in our work;
  • Perfect quality;
  • Case-by-case approach to each client;
  • Deep respect for your privacy.

Favorite photo shoot directions – wedding, family, children and pregnancy, where we put our whole soul into beautiful images. We know the most stunning and romantic corners of the UAE and invite you for a terrific photo session in luxurious cities:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

Your unique photo shoot during pregnancy – a wonderful time for touching shots

Every pregnant woman is incredibly beautiful because she is carrying a whole world in these happy nine months. She emits mysterious light and warm energy that anyone would want to remember forever. These amazing changes divide family life into old and new, which, with the appearance of the baby, sparkle with bright colors. In the meantime, you need to be able to enjoy such a fleeting period and show all the beauty of the expectation through photo shooting. Just imagine the warmth and tenderness in your heart when you go through these magical photos after many years.

Our female photographers have solid experience with future mothers. We are mothers ourselves and so we are well aware that such tiny models would need the most comfortable conditions. We will be happy to show you the most natural poses, help you relax and overcome shyness. We will do everything to make you relax and enjoy the process. After all, we ourselves were once in such an intriguing position, which means that it's easy for us to understand you.

Our studio offers several types of cute pregnancy photo shoot:

  • A romantic pregnancy photo shoot with husband can convey the incredible depth of feelings of two loving hearts and the general joy of waiting for the newborn. In such crucial moments, it is so important for us that there is support from the nearest and dearest person.
  • Incredibly affectionate pregnancy photo shoot with siblings always produces very warm and touching shots, in which children show love, care, and sometimes surprise. Allow your older children to play an important role in your family chronicle, and they will feel themselves important and truly grown up.
  • Funny pregnancy photo shoot will become a vivid memory and the most unusual pastime for the entire waiting period. There are many original and amusing ways to get the best of your cute, rounded tummy. After many years, you’ll be glad that you allowed yourself to be ridiculous and risked showing your sense of humor.
  • An unusual story that we’ll photograph in a picturesque corner of nature or in a glamorous studio. You can come up with an original scenario about the couple’s joint hobbies or relationships. It is important that the images are combined with a common style and concept to make the whole series look natural and seamless.

Choose your best photographer from Salt Studio for wonderful pregnancy photos

Professional photographers from Salt Studio will live this happy period of life together with you. This is to transmit the fantastic story of waiting for your small miracle through colorful shots. Thanks to our female intuition, keenness and sensitivity, we can capture the slightest changes in your mood and create the most pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for you.


It is very important that the woman feels calm and in an excellent mood, because it will help her to fully open up before the camera and get emotional photos. You won’t be able to find such a quivering and warm attitude to the future mother anywhere else as in our studio. We will conduct for you a fascinating pregnancy photo session. Both the shooting process and the result obtained will give pleasure to all family members.


Over the years of work, we have been able to accumulate a lot of creative ideas. That’s why our pregnancy photo shoot is not boring or common. At the same time, we are always happy to add something new and interesting to the treasury of our knowledge. Therefore, we do give discounts to anyone that gives us eye-popping ideas. And most importantly, we guarantee complete privacy, which means that the same photographer takes and processes the photography. Your pictures will only be your property, hidden from prying eyes.

Would you like to organize the best pregnancy photo shoot that would decorate your family album? We will use stunning shots to tell your beautiful story of waiting for your tiny angel.

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