Engagement photoshoot in Dubai: 3 tips for saying “I do” in the desert

High-quality photography is a right tool for storytelling. Let’s create a book of your own love-story and present it to the world. The feelings and true love are so difficult to find and so easy to lose, so hurry to enjoy the moment with our beautiful couple.

Proposal photoshoot is a romantic gift for your couple and a great visual way to start your family archive

When planning your desert shooting, remember the following tricks: outfits, timing & rest. Your professional engagement pictures are smooth and stress-free with a little bit of preparation. 


1. Clothes
Why is it so important to coordinate the color of the looks, and think through what you are going to wear? The question is easy - the better you are thinking it thtough, the better the result is. Pre-wedding announcements are one in a lifetime events for our couples, and it has to be perfect!
Matching colors, matching styles and complementing fitting are the things that you should look out for when choosing what to put on for your professional posing in the Dubai desert. 


2. Timing

It is already very hot outside, and even hotter in the sand, so here is the advice from our team (and they have been in those situations a lot of times). Use early morning times or late afternoon (simply sunset and sunrise). Yes, you are right, we are in search of  the “golden” hour. 


3. Rest
We can’t wait to meet you as soon as possible, but we also really want you to rest after some long flights. Jet Lag is not your friend - and not the friend of the camera! Get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water and use SPF cream - we are always on a lookout for the best angles and photo poses, but safety and wellbeing always comes first.

“I do” shoot with the flowing dress: an amazing way to remember one of the best moments of your life!

The Salt Studio team is happy to welcome you to one of the most fascinating places in the world - the heart of Emirates, the vibrant and modern city of Dubai.

We offer professional photography and videography services for different purposes: engagement, “We are getting married” announcements, pre and post wedding, as well as wedding & family portraits. 


We are focused on the client’s privacy, wishes and creativity - always ready to listen for your ideas & create unforgettable photo and video materials for you to take home.

Renting the famous “floating” dress is a good option for making your pictures more sophisticated and diverse

When coming to Dubai, pay attention to the idea of having photos taken with the popular type of fancy women's costume. Bright colors and sparkling fabric will create an illusion of the liquid metal, creating a magical vibe around the event.
Make yourself feel special by preparing for one of the most important steps in your life. 


Salt Studio - let the fairytale begin!

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