Professional engagement photography on the beach: 5 tips to create a perfect memory for your pre-wedding in Dubai!

Having a classy, but simple photo session for your pre-wedding announcement is a great way to have some quality time with your partner and enjoy the vacation in the United Arab Emirates.

Photo shoot at the Jumeirah beach is a perfect beginning for your romantic journey in a happy life together.

Best tips for pre-wedding beach shoot: how to plan a perfect photo session with your partner


Salt Studio Dubai offers an amazing opportunity to have some pictures for your family archive taken on the stunning beach of Jumeirah. Here are some tips & tricks about how to get the best pictures ever easy and stressless:


1. Timing

Remember, that Dubai is a hot place all year round, but in the summer it gets even hotter. If the winter timing would be 8-10 in the morning and then 16:30 - 18:00 at sunset, in the summer you will start shooting very early, approximately at 6 in the morning. 


2. Jetlag

We understand that a lot of our couples arrive from all over the world, so we strongly advise you not to plan a photoshoot on the beach the day after your arrival - it will be just too stressful for you to switch to Dubai time. Give yourself a break. 


3. Makeup

The pictures you are about to take will be the best memories of one of the most important moments of your life: try to look the best you can. Also, makeup will help a photographer to focus on close-ups and portraits.


4. Outfits
This might be the obvious part, but not a lot of couples are paying enough attention to this: try to coordinate the colors. Best for beach photo shooting  is to use bright & light colours, as well as white, yellow, peach & all shades of blue. 


5. Have fun
This is the most important part of the photoshoot - try to enjoy yourself & forget about the world. In the end, the photo shoot is about you, your partner and your love for each other!

Professional pre- and post-wedding photography on the Jumeirah beach in Dubai

Book your professional photography session with Salt Studio for any special occasion in Dubai: engagement, “I do” announcement, wedding or post-wedding photography and videography for the best memories.

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