Professional portrait – a reflection of your beautiful soul in every photo

Since 2005 our professional female photographers have been shooting a variety of genres, and portrait occupies its rightful place in these genres. We know for sure that you take the most effective photos only when the person is completely relaxed and free. To this end, it is better to meet in advance, so that we have time to establish an emotional contact.


We do not take ordinary and boring shots; every client is a separate world filled with very personal emotions and experience. We are always ready to share our rich experience and will gladly show you the most effective poses or movements that will help to open your image as deeply as possible.


In our photo studio, you can order magnificent portraits in the background of the luxurious beauty of the UAE. Eye-popping nature, mind-blowing architecture, cozy interiors – there are so many beautiful locations that inspire the creation of real masterpieces. We know all the most beautiful locations and will happily organize photo shoots for you in such lavish cities as:


  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi

Discover your amazing inner world in professional portrait photography from our best masters

A good portrait is not just a photo, where the face and its expression are predominant or a demonstration of external beauty. The best shots reveal a holistic image of a person, highlight his/her personality, show character traits and even life priorities. In different moments of our life, we do experience completely different emotions, which become very valuable for us with time.


Love and happiness, tenderness and sadness, admiration and surprise – all of them are reflected in our photos. Beautiful and emotional portraits will take its rightful place in your family photo album or become a real decoration for your home interior. After many years, you will admire them and warmly remember your past.


The key moment in traditional portrait photography is its emotional content. Even if the photos are ideal from a technical point of view, they will be only effective when they have a soul and a mood in them. Minor details on the photo portrait dissolve, giving way to the main thing that the photographer wants to capture. It is very important to capture the most successful moment because it determines how accurately the inner world of the model is transmitted, and which emotions and gestures are included in the shots.


Especially there is a typical one is a black and white portrait photography. Such classic shots are very popular in our time. They help to reveal the inner world of the hero – deeper and fuller – and to focus on pure emotions. The viewer will not be distracted by a bright background or bright clothes, and will rather focus only on the person in the shot. A natural, unguarded beauty – that is what you call a real timeless magic.


Salt Studio photographers produce the most creative portrait photography in the UAE

We offer the following:

  • Interior photos – the perfect choice; it will be a beautiful studio with a lavish entourage and lots of accessories or your house where you feel comfortable and cozy. You can also use our mobile photo studio in any place that is convenient for you.
  • An outdoor portrait photography is on a background of golden sand dunes and barkhans, emerald sea, snow-white beaches or bright flowers. We have many options for your beautiful photo shoot. The amazing architecture of Arab cities will only highlight the expressiveness of the shots.
  • Kids portrait photography will forever capture the most intimate moments in the life of your baby. Our children are growing up so quickly and parents really want to capture them in this fun and carefree period.
  • A group portrait photography is very popular for a family and wedding photo sessions. Such shots are filled with joy from communication, love and affection for each other.
  • A fashion portrait photography is devoted to the world of fashion. Therefore, it is very important to work out the image of the model skillfully and in a detailed manner. The shots must be refined and stylish. If it's about advertising, the shots must focus the audience's attention on the exclusiveness of the product being advertised.

Why should I order for a photo shoot from a professional portrait photographer from Salt Studio?

Our professional photographers will be happy to invite you to a lavish photo session. They will convey all the shades of your mood and capture real emotions.


We will help you to open up in front of the camera because every shot filled with life and breath is our common success. Try to be free, be natural and unique in your beauty, and we will take harmonious and palpitating shots for you.


What exactly can Salt Studio offer you?

  • A big bank of accumulated ideas on interesting portrait photography. We are also open to new solutions – we'll gladly offer you a discount if you give us your original and unusual ideas.
  • Services of seasonal professional photographers who have been in the business for many years. For us, photography is not just a job – it's our life, our emotional experience and our core values.
  • A high level of commitment to everything we do. We greatly value your trust and confidence, and we try to always justify them. We understand very well the importance of privacy for you; that's why we never show or post your photos on the Internet without your consent.
  • We use cutting-edge technology and hardware, which allow us to produce technically perfect shots.
  • A remarkable mobile photo studio, which we will deliver to any place you choose. It includes unique backgrounds and original props for your unique portraits.
  • Printing photos on the spot. Do not deny yourself a special pleasure – pick up bright photos from your ravishing photo shoot.


Contact us to get detailed information about our portrait photography packages and their prices!


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